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Italy: activist in jail for no global action

Italy: activist in jail for no global action
Its early morning, on 15 novembre: 42 people are charged for subversive
association (art.270 bis c.p. Italy), and plot. The accuse is political plot
and disturbance of the government, subversive propaganda against the economic
stability, damages during Napoli Global Forum and G8 summit on Genova 2001.
The provision has been made in Napoli, Cosenza, Taranto, Regio Calabria, Vibo
Valenzia. 11 men were brought to Trani security jail, 2 women to Latina
jail. 6 people are detained in home.
People were not permitted to contact a legal as soon as they were detained.
It's an hard attack to the free expression of dissent, to the effort of the
creation, in the southern part of Italy, of a political web for the help of
basic needs as house, water, wealth right. Jail seems the only answer to the
protest for unemployement, poverty, degradation.
Eventually, main stream media are publishing the names of people involved,
showing a tight correlation beetween government and media system.

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