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Al Gore supports single-payer health plan

Al Gore will endorse a single-payer national health
program on ABC's 20/20 Friday (11/15) evening. Please
notify your colleagues, patients, chapter members,
friends, church groups, organizational, university and
media contacts to let them know this interview will air
tonight. Check your local listings for air times.
ABC News
November 14, 2002
Gore Supports Single-Payer

On a stage in a synagogue on New York's Upper West Side
Wednesday night, Gore made this stunning announcement
to several hundred people in response to a question
from the event's host.

Gore suggested he was hesitant to reveal his position at
this forum - but then declared that he had come "reluctantly"
to the conclusion that single-payer is the best solution to
the nation's health insurance crisis.

Long supported by the left, single-payer plans involve all
money spent on health care being collected by some public
agency or trust fund, which then pays for comprehensive
coverage, delivered privately and publicly, for all

Issues of taxation, quality of care, availability of care,
and medical innovation are all implicated in such a system,
with Canada's plan often used as the basis for understanding
and analysis.

For Gore, this represents a shocking switch. Although many
of the people who worked with Hillary Clinton and Ira Magaziner
on the Clinton health care plan at the start of the Clinton/Gore
Administration were intellectually and morally sympathetic to
single-payer, it was rejected as being simply too radical and too
big a political target.

Even Bill Bradley, who frequently charged Gore during the
2000 presidential primary with being timid on finding health
care solutions, disappointed many of his own supporters by not
coming out for single-payer.

And if Gore is a presidential candidate for 2004, this gambit
would allow him to outflank on the left even Vermont Gov. Howard
Dean, whose calls for massive new spending on health care so far
do not include support for single-payer.

Gore's decision to go public with his new position could be
viewed as part of his reported avowal to speak more from the
heart on big issues he cares about, feeling less encumbered by
what polls and focus groups might say is popular.

Some surely will see Gore's switch as part of a series of
calculated moves perhaps intended lock up the left wing of the
Democratic party in hopes of securing the party's presidential

Others will say that Gore isn't even necessarily running for
president, and is feeling liberated enough to speak his mind
and take bold policy positions deriving from his nearly
unparalleled experience in, and knowledge of, a range of foreign
and domestic policy issues.

It is surely the case, though, that potential 2004 rivals
Gephardt, Edwards, Kerry, Lieberman, Dean, and Daschle can all
be expected now to take positions in relation to single-payer.


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so what? 14.Nov.2002 22:42

democrats are hopeless losers

"reluctantly" he comes to the conclusion that a health care system that covers everybody and would be meant to focus on health and not profit is a good idea? jerk. i don't want "reluctance" from people about the right thing to do; i want passion. politicians are rarely sincerely passionate except about accepting donations. who cares if al gore supports this issue. what's he got to do with anybody's life? our lives are *our* lives. let's start living them and stop hoping that politicians will save us.

live free+wild

really? 14.Nov.2002 22:47

mixmaster white chocolate in the house

apparently he also supports being a worthless neoliberal tool who can't decisively win an election against a guy who doesn't know how to pronounce "nuclear."

Re: So what? 14.Nov.2002 22:51


I certainly bear no love for Al Gore, but his endorsement of single-payer will help put the idea on the national map and hopefully lead to a national discussion. That doesn't mean I would ever trust or vote for him. But he's doing us a service, sincere or not. Let's use it.

does anyone care anymore? 15.Nov.2002 03:44


believe me, i've always personally supported change to a single-payer plan, and **for too long** have personally in an economic situation to deserve one. The corporate health "insurance" scams are a prime example of modern American injustice.


in the context of the post-Hillary Clinton 1992-2000 [*eight full years* of] 'healthcare reform', post-pResidential Selection 2000, post-9.11, post-midterm Selection Nov. 2002 American political climate--

and in the the context of Iraq bloodshed and Homeland Security orange alerts--

the issue of single-payer health plans (as incredible as this sounds) on the national American political 'agenda',

is about as important and significant as a pile of dogshit.

strange he can't say that during an election? 15.Nov.2002 04:58

why why why??

why can't the democrats/progressives say what they believe during an election?

well, the progressives do, and look what happened to Ralph Nader, he didn't even get his federal matching funds, his support was so shitty...

thats why they can't say what they believe..


Early Bird, *FWR*?? 15.Nov.2002 05:35


"why why why?? 4:58am Fri Nov 15 '02"

already commenting . . . up kinda early, eh FWR?

just got an early start at your 'legitimate occupation'--

or just forgot the East Coast time difference for you spooks operating out of Langley, VA?

trolling is a 24/7 op.. 15.Nov.2002 06:57


hounding and harrassing libs is 24/7 job...

not until everyone of you see the light can I rest..


L Sqared 15.Nov.2002 09:09


Too little, too late. Of course the worthless shithead son of a bitch couldn't come up and help us actually do anything worthwhile about it during the election. Big Fucking Deal.

A Monopoly is still a Monopoly 15.Nov.2002 10:42


Single Payer = The government decides who gets what health care when.

Please explain to me how is this an improvement?

Socialized medicine sounds really progressive on paper. The reality is institutionalized mediocrity and lack of alternatives. Do you honestly think that in our current culture that such a system would not be wholly controlled by the same people who already control the system?

Do you think alternative practioners would be allowed inside the system? Yeah, right!

This is just another means of Social Control.

How about Doctor Hitler?


Doctor Mao?


Doctor Bush?

The Skull and Bones Medical Plan will take care of you.

asspain why do you care? 15.Nov.2002 11:39

commie-bore '92

I am repeatly told that there are no democrats on this site, only socialists, anarchists, progressives and such..

so why do you care what gore does or doesn't do?


(eternal) question for *FWR* 15.Nov.2002 11:54


"so why do you care what gore does or doesn't do?"

why do YOU care what this website does if only "14 people" read it, "FWR"?


Do you mean I can get paid for this?? 15.Nov.2002 12:21

references avaliable upon request...

Do you mean I can get paid for this??

Nothing is better than being pay for doing something you love, so if you guys know anybody who will pay me to hound and harass the left, please send me their URL.

I'll post my resume..


The Return of the Mucker 15.Nov.2002 13:26


To FWR - I'm sure it would be a "Short Story" - file under Fantasy.

As to why I care - because I am interested in getting people to think for themselves as opposed to being professionally obscurant.

I cut through the fog you create. It is vapor - as nothing but a wisp.

can I use you guys as a reference?? 15.Nov.2002 14:01

professional obscurant

Just wondering.

I can put all the reaction I have recieved over the past few weeks and use it on the old resume..


can I use you guys as a reference?? 15.Nov.2002 14:01

professional obscurant

Just wondering.

I can put all the reaction I have recieved over the past few weeks and use it on the old resume..


Job Opportunities abound 15.Nov.2002 17:39

Sarah N. Dipitee

I didn't know the Aryan Nation was hiring.