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Needed: 41 Democratic Senators with Backbone

41 Senators can get together to stop anything that Bush wants
By the rules of the US Senate, a group of 41 Senators can stop all action on an item before the Senate by means of a 'filibuster'.

So the fact that the Democrats lost control of the Senate, on anything that Bush tries to do, any group of 40 Senators with backbone enough to stop Bush can indeed stop him.

Of course, finding 41 Democrats with backbone is hard to do!

But remember this for the next two years. When there is some awful Conservative judge getting appointed, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

When another big tax cut for the wealthy gets passed, 41 Democrats could have stopped.

When the Defense budget keeps going up and up and up, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

When we go to war with another country AFTER Iraq, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

When even more laws taking away our rights and protections get passed, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

Basically, whenever Bush does any of the evil things that the Democrats are saying he'll do, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

Of course, this was true for the past two years as well.

When John Ashcroft was nominated Attorney General, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

When Bush asked for a Trillion dollars worth of tax cuts that went mostly to the rich, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

When Bush wanted to bomb Afghanistan, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

When Bush wanted to pass the Patriot Act, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

When Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq, 41 Democrats could have stopped it.

The Democrats blame Bush for all the problems with what Bush has done. And they'll blame Bush for the next two years for everything Bush wants to do. But at any time, 41 Democratic Senators could get together and stop anything Bush wants. The Democrats won't do this. And because the Democrats won't do this, they are as responsible for anything that's been passed in the last two as Bush. And for the next two years, they'll be as responsible for anything that does pass as Bush.

If there were 41 Democratic Senators who truly would stand against Bush. But there aren't. And that means that the Democratic Senators who don't stand up and try to stop Bush are as responsible for what happens as Bush. They'll try to blame Bush, but the Democrats are as responsible as Bush.

41 Democratic Senators can stop anything George W. Bush wants to pass through Congress. Do they have the backbone to actually stop anything?

NO. They do not have the backbone. 07.Nov.2002 16:26

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Modern so-called Democrats are simply Republicans who... um... even I can't discern the difference anymore. There is no difference between Demopublicans and Republicrats anymore. The Republicans USED to be the progressive party, relatively speaking, back in Abraham Lincoln's day, before Democrats had grown legs and crawled out of the primordial soup and into existance. I guess all political parties slowly move to the right as they get older and more entrenched in the profit system. Go figure. So fuck em. What have they done for me LATELY, as Aretha Franklin would say? Not a damned thing. When Democrats (or Republicans) start voting FOR WARS (other than class war), then it is apparent all support for them should be taken away by any means necessary. Down with the plutocratic oligarchy!

filibuster 07.Nov.2002 17:53


the question i guess is would democratic senator be willing to talk for 2 years straight on *1* particular issue? a problem arises when the bill count exceeds the filibuster count, taking into consideration filibuster fatigue.

defining filibuster

"The record for the longest filibuster is held by J. Strom Thurmond, who filibustered for 24 hours and 18 minutes against the Civil Rights Act of 1957" (love of others personified in dear 'ol Strom "what's that nigra doin' in mah house?!?!" Thurmond)

GOP watch link

just a link

"FWR"?? :)

that republican never say die attitude 08.Nov.2002 17:50


and Strom Thurmond did apologize to some degree for making many comments that were based on personal bias.

some link

i bet a plane crash wouldn't take him out

some funny stuff (and again, i'm apolitical)

more stuff i happened upon (gonna stop reporting links--look for yourself)

Vampires in Sheep's Clothing 09.Nov.2002 10:19

Truth in Labelling

Don't expect help from Republicans who pose as Democrats, such as Dianne Feinstein.