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A Message to Timber Barons

A letter to Timber Barons of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association and to citizens who want to stop them.
Dear NAWLA Member Employee or NAWLA Member Owner,

You work for or own a business that is a member of an association dedicated to the profit of each member corporation. Some of those corporations you share this relationship with are profiting in ways that are not beneficial to people or other beings.
Some North American Wholesale Lumber Association members profit from logging old growth ancient forests. Some NAWLA members profit from logging United States National Forests and other lands held in the public trust. Poll after poll show these acts are against the will of the majority of the public. There is no place for this in a democracy.
Against the will of some of the few survivors among the indigenous of the Americas, ancestral lands are being logged and sold by NAWLA members. This is morally reprehensible and must stop immediately. Survivors of genocide cannot have their land converted to plantations by foreigners for what amounts to mostly foreign profit. It will stop.
There are implications for those who do business in this way. Perhaps they will be successfully sued for damages or even reparations. Perhaps there will be the equivalent of war crimes trials for those who commit genocide in the name of profit. Perhaps the future will bring environmental war crimes trials for those who profit when the last of rich ecosystems are forever lost to corporate profit.
As much as this system tries to fool, bribe or take advantage, certainly there will be people who take risks to stop injustice. We will take the profit out of it surely, achieve justice for the disadvantaged and do everything in our power to see that corporate criminals are properly and severely punished.
For those of you who merely share this responsibility through this association, we ask that you seek the services it provides elsewhere as expeditiously as possible. For those of you who make a small share of your profit from genocidal, ancient forest or public lands logging we strongly recommend that you enhance your business practice by removing such liability immediately.
For the worst actors among you, including but not limited to Boise, Roseburg Forest Products and North Pacific Group and attendee Arauco, look carefully at where customers and vendors have chosen to do business with others. Our pressure will continue to increase in depth, sophistication and intensity. You know we have the information, analysis, tactics and reach to assure that instability and decline are inevitable.
Neither corporate image making nor political cronies will fully protect you. Enough can now see that you are bad for business. Reform will come quickly or be too late.
Board members, shareholders, employees and associates, consider yourselves warned. Genocide and extinction through conversion or genetic modification will not be tolerated and will not turn profit.
Our thanks to those members engaged in true sustainability and to those members who have aided our effort for information and access. To learn more about how you and others can get more involved see the reverse.


Tactics from the woods moving indoors.

Dear Citizen,

As you probably know, the natural environment of the planet is in unprecedented decline. Much of what is being lost depends on, lives in or lives as forests. The last indigenous forest human cultures are also imperiled. This is not the world for our children.
These forests and peoples are being destroyed to profit a few wealthy corporations. Many of these corporations are organized into the North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA). Its 650 members do $30 billion in forest product sales annually. There is a broad international campaign to stop these destructive practices.

Please be a part of this movement by doing one of the following or by engaging in your own creative action:

Contact or visit a NAWLA member to stop irresponsible business practices. Find them at www.lumber.org.

Contact or visit a NAWLA member customer or vendor to stop the profit by association. Let them know why you have done it.

Search on-line for Boise, Roseburg Forest Products, North Pacific Group or Auraco to learn everything possible about how, where and with whom they do business. Act on that information in a strong and effective way.

Bring the tactics that have won in the woods into the board rooms, showrooms and shareholders enterprises.

Contact other groups and individuals acting to stop such companies so actions can be coordinated.

Publicize your actions on one of the many www.indymedia.org sites and elsewhere.

Travel to endangered forests to listen.

Thank you all so much for your work to protect life. May the blessings of your efforts know no bounds. Please take care.

To the Lumberheads 09.Nov.2002 14:26


The timber industry only have themselves to blame for the economic hardships they have experienced since the 1980's. Decades of clear-cutting and unsustainable forestry practices have reduced what used to be an intensely forested continent to a virtual stubble field by comparison. Ironically, it wasn't the CEO's who took most of the hit but the loggers who did all the dirty work. Now they must be held accountable.