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The So-Called Elections

In light of the fact that the United States has no legitimate elections, provisional President Jon Chance again thanks our citizens for the popular mandate to fight domestic white-collar terrorism....
The So-Called Elections
The So-Called Elections
In the decades immediately following America's successful 1776 revolution, a group of political strategists led by Alexander Hamilton persuaded the Congress of the United States that it was not the intention of the founders of the republic that their government should have any capital-wealth-initiating capability.

Wealth, they maintained, was a mysterious reality that emanated exclusively from inherited fortunes and the private ventures of large landowners. There were no government or public inspections of the nature of their wealth other than the self-evident land and the publicly registered deeds of ownership.

All the U.S. Government's financial needs, said the Hamiltonians, must be underwritten by funds from these for the first time exclusive, self-accredited, wealthy individuals, loaned to the government through the wealthy citizens "banks," and must be repaid to their banks by the government with funds raised by taxation from the people....







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the state has a heart 07.Nov.2002 17:32


"Elections are the lifeblood of the State" (compulsion implies compelled--what compels a person to vote?)