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Reality Numbers

Did the Republicans really win by a majority of Americans vote. Check out the numbers.

These are the numbers. Tell the truth.

Start with 100% of those who can vote in America

Only 50% of those who can vote in America registered to vote this time around

That leaves 50% of Americans who can vote

Of those who registerd to vote only 50% of the 50% voted. Lower in some places.

that leaves 25% of Americans who can vote, did vote

Americans voted alternative party (other than Republican and Democrat) by 2% to 4%. Let average that to 3%.

That leaves only 22% of Americans voting for Republicans and Democrats

The races between the Republicans were very close in many cases. Only a few percentage points in some races. In many races it was around 10% points. Let's average it to 8%.

That means that the Republican mandate to destroy America and make war on the world was made by about 15% to 18% of Americans.

15% to 18%

15% to 18%

Tell the truth

Tell the truth



Well yeah, but... 07.Nov.2002 16:24

Lamet W Vali

The only way to increase the number of people voting would be to make it mandatory, like Australia. That would be a violation of the rights of the "voting only encourages them" anarcist types, and we all know that they're opressed enough already.

actually 07.Nov.2002 17:22

smacker of Lamet Valleys

{The only way to increase the number of people voting would be to make it mandatory}

--you're about as smart as an australian govt intelligence agent-psy-0p. think: what if a great enough # of people ordered to vote by the new constitution were to commit suicide? how would the number of people voting be increased then?

what about another way to get more people to vote--allowing them to decide whether or not they want to vote? no wait, to understand and allow for people think for themselves--without all that "mind programming"--is too anarchic.

maybe if EVERY politician wasn't at /east 1/2 lying more people would have faith in this BS political system. maybe.