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World Braces For 'Triumphant' Bush.

Get ready for hell on earth.
World braces for 'triumphant' Bush.
By Martin Walker

UPI Chief International Correspondent
From the International Desk
Published 11/6/2002 1:05 PM

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6 (UPI) -- The world now faces President George W. Bush triumphant after the midterm elections. His Republican Party is in command of both Houses of Congress, and Bush can claim a potent new mandate for an assertive foreign policy whose unilateralist "America First" implications have disconcerted friends and foes alike.

"We are dealing with a power that has no limit in its dealing with foreign issues," said Mohammed Shaker, head of the Egyptian Council on Foreign Relations, whose wariness of a Bush administration unrestrained by any other branch of government was widely shared beyond U.S. shores.

Diplomats in Washington Wednesday, while noting that the executive branch was always in charge of foreign policy, suggested that the Republican majorities in Congress would give the Bush administration even more self-assurance in foreign policy, and adding weight to its more hawkish voices and weakening the doves.

"My guess is that one of the losers of this election campaign might be (Secretary of State) Colin Powell, who has been seen by most foreign governments as a voice of caution and of wisdom in an administration that otherwise seems largely filled with hawks," commented one senior NATO diplomat based in Washington.

"When Powell and other administration officials go up to Capitol Hill to explain their policies, he will no longer be facing that internationalist Democrat, Sen. Joe Biden. The new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee could be a very different type of interlocutor. And certainly the majority on that committee, and the chairmen of the important sub-committees, will be very different," the NATO diplomat added.

Other diplomats suggested the United States would become tougher to deal with on international issues and was likely to be more dismissive of the United Nations and cooler to traditional allies like Germany and France that are now perceived as critics of the Bush administration's policy on Iraq.

"If there were much hope for any American compromises on international issues like the Kyoto Protocol (on global warming) and the International Criminal Court, this election result probably knocks all that on the head," commented one European ambassador. "This might not be an easy administration to work with in the sense of finding agreed solutions. I suspect we might hear rather more 'take it or leave it.'"

On the whole, diplomats seem to expect a change in tone coming from Washington rather than any dramatic new shifts in policy. The executive branch always runs foreign policy, aside from big issues like war or peace or the ratification of treaties. And on the main issues, like threatening war on Iraq or the new national security doctrine that authorizes pre-emptive strikes, have already been decided.

In Asia, officials were trying to assess what the elections could mean for their region. Taku Yamasaki, secretary-general of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, concluded that America's War on terrorism would continue even more forcefully, since the Republican victory "confirms that public opinion remained united behind the Bush administration's policy."

"In terms of foreign policy, Mr. Bush would gain much more leeway in dealing with the war on terrorism and the Iraq threat," said Singapore's Straits Times.

In South Korea, some commentators saw the election result strengthening Bush's hands if he decided to get tough with North Korea over its admission that it was enriching uranium with a view to developing nuclear weapons. But they also feared the Korean issues might be on the back burner, after Powell called Foreign Minister Choi Sung-hong on Wednesday and said he had to cancel a planned visit to South Korea next week because of "unavoidable circumstances" related to the U.N. Security Council resolution on Iraq.

In Europe and the Middle East, media comment seemed to expect a tougher line coming from Washington over Iraq, with an agreed resolution in the U.N. Security Council said to be very close.

"The prospect of waging war on Iraq looks to be increased," Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV said Wednesday.

"Not quite elected in 2000, Monsieur Bush sees his political base reinforced by a remarkable electoral success that offers him an even greater freedom of maneuver in his strategy towards Iraq," commented France's leading daily, Le Monde.

"The big loser of these elections, apart from the democrats, is none other than Saddam Hussein," commented the left-wing French daily Liberation. "An election setback for Bush would have been inevitably interpreted as a rejection by the American people of his threatening rhetoric against 'the axis of evil' whose pivot lies in Baghdad. Bush can thus henceforth claim a strong mandate of popular support for his politics of enforced disarmament of Iraq, and also in his dealing with the U.N."

"The results staggered many pundits who saw Bush as a dimwit who had become president through good fortune and a court-managed technicality," said The Times of India Wednesday. "The president appeared to have erased that stigma. Pundits and pollsters saw the results as an affirmation of the American people's faith in George Bush in the face of the challenges he is facing. They also surmised that the events of 9/11 had a profound effect on America despite previews suggesting the elections would be based on local issues."

Only in Israel did there seem to be little new deference to the Bush administration and its striking new mandate. Israel's new Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marked his own return to government by asserting the Bush administration's latest "roadmap for peace" was "not on the agenda." Netanyahu also told Israeli TV Wednesday he thought the attack on Saddam would be a good time to expel Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, despite earlier promises from Israeli premier Ariel Sharon to President Bush that Arafat "would not be harmed."

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take off the mask... 07.Nov.2002 09:29

this thing here

it's time for the "right" to step up to the plate.

you've tried to be "compassionate". but it's a role that doesn't suit you. it makes you uncomfortable. you've tried to cloak your agenda behind the amiable face of president george w. bush II. but it really doesn't hide anything.

it's time for you to take off your masks and become what you've always wanted to be. you got the power. you have the mic.

begin by making english the official language of the united states of america. follow that by making "christianity" the official religion. make it standard oppporating procedure in every classroom on united states soil to begin the day with a plefge of allegiance and a prayer to the "christian god" only.

next, launch an "american family values" campaign. start with homosexuals, and order them to "switch", or threaten them with imprisonment. next, make the suit and tie the official uniform for american citizens. begin to imprison all artists and musicians deemed "dissenters, renegades, punks, or troublemakers." tell them if they want to be free, they have to work for large corporations where their talent will be used and abused.

tell the corporate media they are doing an excellent job of putting everyone to sleep. fend off any criticism of networks like fox, which make billions by showing stupid, violent, sex laden programs to teenagers, by saying, "well they make alot of money and contribute to our party. isn't america all about making alot of money?" when critics say, how can an unabashed conservative like rupert murdoch make money off selling violence and sex to kids, going against everything it means to supposedly be "conservative", going against what it means to campaign for "american family values", and isn't this abject hypocrisy?, say, "well, conservative doesn't mean values, it means big time power and money, by any means neccessary. rupert contributes a great deal to the republican party, so it's o.k."

next, crush all dissent. do this by unleashing the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. onto the american people. use the technology and methods that track islamic fundamentalist terrorists to also track all dissenters in america. plant bombs and frame environmentalists and labor unions. assassinate leading activists. "bullet lynchings". divide and conquer. set up another house unamerican activities committee, as a media spectacle. use the already useless, obedient corporate media to scare the american people further. as in the drug war, in which it was the "black man" that became public enemy #1, create another war on activism and dissent in which the idealistic young people in the streets are the new evil menace, to be dealt with harshly. elimate posse commitatus, and allow the military to patrol the streets in riot gear, with air support and surveillance provided by apache helicopters.

next, tailor the bill of rights to meet the needs of your new agenda. don't eliminate the first amendment completely, but simply tailor it. make it legal and free to only say "positive things", "things which produce capital" and "things which praise leadership". keep the second amendment as it is. but allow massive tax incentives for the ownership of assault weapons and semi-automatic handguns, at the urging of the large industrial gun manufactuers. the area in which the most "tailoring" needs to be done is in the rights of the accused. begin by eliminating the 14th. amendment. follow that with the "national security litmus test". this test will be applied at ALL TIMES, whether america is in a war or not. what this will allow the justice department, along with executive branch, to do is label american citizens (whether born here or naturalized) into many categories, such as: "enemy combatant", "insurgent", or "dissenter". with this simple label placed on citizens with the flourish of a pen from above, all their legal rights will taken completely away, just like that. because they are a "threat" to national security, no 14th. amendment. the accused will NEVER be informed of charges. no due process. no right to an attorney. no attorney present. when, or if, an attorney is allowed to meet with the accused, the conversations will be monitored by the prosecutor, the justice dept., the f.b.i., and if necessary, the c.i.a. make it, "guilty until proven innocent", but since these american citizens don't have a right to a trial, they'll never be proven anything, simply locked up and forgotten, in all the new supermax prisons you'll be building. by making these changes to the bill of rights, you will be able to realize your dream, and finally take off your masks.

next, make business the new center of power. start by giving speeches which sound like, "a new dawn is here. business and government have now merged into one. business is the new government. we will give business the power entrusted to the government to run this nation. behind our christian god, the c.e.o."

do away with all regulation. end all funding for public programs. use 90% of the tax revenue on the military. next, on any watchdog position, any policy making position, or any remaining regulatory position, place a hand selected c.e.o., industry captain, or business leader. using their new positions as foxes guarding the hen house, as praetorian guards, allow these leaders the ability to tailor all laws to the benefit of the various industries. change the names of many agencies. for instance, change the title of the environemental protection agency, to the "business protection agency". when dealing with labor or consumer groups, simply tell them to "trust you". next, do away with any conflict of interest laws. allow seated politicians to activley make business contracts and deals for their former industries while sitting as politicians. everyone knows this is going on, so why hide it? finally, the most important change you must make, is the "forced voting law". what this does is say that any employee of a corporation must vote for the same party as the upper management does. and the upper management must vote for the same party as the c.e.o. and chairman of the board votes for. this may alarm you, but with the massive tax breaks you will write into law, creating reductions of 95% for those making $300,000 or above, you can be sure that you and the republican party will always be handsomely paid back with votes on election day.

finally, with foreign policy, begin by destroying the united nations. when asked why, say, "because they tied our hands." replace the u.n. with, "world police precint headquarters #1". create a new chant for young soldier-policemen: "one world, one way, one future!" do away with any and all currencies. make the dollar bill the official world currency. launch agressive military campaigns anywhere, to secure supplies of raw materials, such as oil, and to forcibly insert u.s. corporations into new markets. become a violent, militant policeman, in order to eliminate all difference. asassinate leaders we don't like. don't launch coups in small latin american countries, but go for the big heads of state in europe and china. in colombia, for instance, get really frustrated, and take over the war from the colombian government. send 100,000 american sons and daughters down to do the job. when this fails, send 100,000 more. tell people vietnam was along time ago, and was "different", so not to worry. leak to the press the new strategic policy plan for america, entitled "making the world in our image: fuck you, we're america. you fuckers lay down for us."

don't hide behind your masks anymore, right wingers. the friendly, compassionate face just doesn't suit you at all. become what you've always wanted to be. create the new imperial america. show your true self.

let's um make pretend we care! 07.Nov.2002 14:17


i'm inlcined to agree with "this thing here"--as i can't stand when phony people try to worm their way into my world using a sentiment that they would presume to be impressive. i'm always far from impressed with such attempts at winniing my heart and mind, and for what, just to see me destroyed anyway, because obviously, there is an ideological difference here and since we all don't seem to be willing to talk things out, what other choices remain besides 'live together'?

anyway, as the saying goes "the proof is in the pudding" (or is it "the pudding is in the pResident's head"?)--if the ruling class/party/people are indeed looking out for the people, then waterways will become pristine again; if they care, the domestic terrorism situation--spouse-abusers, children abusers, "hate crimes", all bias w/ regards to business and employment practices, etc--will improve and a veneer of sincerity might be added to these token Ad Council ad campaigns.

the effected environment (social and physical) speaks louder than words.