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shall we have a daily art movement?
i haven't seen much of the daily poetry movement lately, but if ever it rekindles, i think we should lump a daily art/poetry doo-dad. tho, i would prefer if it were something which abided by the indymedia standards of being original works... and, i would think it would be nice if they were local works as well, but that's just my bias. anyway, here's my contribution, feels a fitting "fuck you" for election aftermath... "I Want You!" oil on plastic on linen.


A fine idea 06.Nov.2002 23:27


I wasn't familiar with the poetry-related event, but I think perhaps a weekly art posting would be a fine idea. Somethingawful.com has a "Photoshop Phriday" that showcases chosen pieces of image manipulation done within a particular theme.

We wouldn't really need a theme, but doing it weekly would give us time to do the art as opposed to daily : )

This reminds me though, I saw something (Adbusters perhaps) about how marketing campaigns were using activist-generated material and then altering them to serve their clients ends. Perhaps someone else knows the article I am refering to and can elaborate more on it.

Nice piece of work by the way.


You don't get it do you? 06.Nov.2002 23:29

Brother Jonathan

You don't get it do you asshole? Because people in high political office are criminals does not mean that there are not a lot of us out here who love the dream that this land once was. When you mock and degrade those aspirations with unoriginal, unwitty, untalented schlock you do no service to the cause of freedom or justice. The ability to do offensive art is not a higher calling. You simply betray yourself as a shallow lightweight without the intelligence to make a bold statement representative of the current state of affairs.
It requires little talent to mock. It requires real talent to inspire. So far you display much of the former and none of the later. Anyone raised in our current culture can draw a dick. Is this a self portrait?

you2 06.Nov.2002 23:29



you're living in a dream world, brother j. 06.Nov.2002 23:44

wake up call

get some history into yourself. this country has always, from the very beginning, been run by the rich and powerful for the rich and powerful and regular folks have always gotten screwed over. always. (and of course, all this land was stolen through genocide, but you probably don't care about that.)

you are buying ruling class propaganda if you believe this country has ever been anything but brutal. all that's changed is its reach. the people have never wanted war. (they never do.) but it's always done anyway.

uncle sam is the perfect target.

btw, for some history, you don't even have to go to Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the U.S.", since you probably think he's a "liberal". go to a primary source: de Tocqueville's "Democracy in America" written in the 1840's shows that things have always been f'd up. the entire text is online, for free at:  http://xroads.virginia.edu/~HYPER/DETOC/home.html
he was no "liberal". he simply visited and wrote down what he saw. much of it rings true today, showing how little has changed in the selfish character of the "American people".

read some, then revisit this topic. i think you'll find yourself in a different place.

who ever controls the past controls the futur 07.Nov.2002 00:06

wide awake

TRUE DAT!!!!! "a people's history" is a great book though I can't wait for the tv series, talk about culture jam

No, Brother J, I get it.... 07.Nov.2002 00:58

vance engel

no, i think i get it. i think you're the one confused as to what this country was... anyway, if i could burn the country and leave the flag, i think i'd much prefer that. but, as it stands, this is easier and, for the time being, holds less of a jail sentence.

forgot to say that this is copyleft, of course. use it in anyway you see fit if ever you see fit to use it. profit off of it for all i care... just show it.


De Tocqueville 07.Nov.2002 09:15


Not only was he not liberal, he was a fuckin monarchist!