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Election wrap-up (now let's get to work)

a collection of the post-election analysis stories on pdx indymedia. enough about all that -- now let's get to work!
The number of posts to portland indymedia jumped in the days before Tuesday's election as various people published arguments for and against candidates, measure, and voting itself. These articles elicited a great deal of response, but the post-election blitz of posts was even greater. Many subjects were covered: what the elections will mean, whose fault it was that they went the way they did, why people who didn't vote should've. Here they are, collected in one place.

If there is on thread in common among these articles, it is that there's a lot of work to be done now. Fortunately, a couple of opportunities are coming right up on Friday: a protest against the Guard Timber Sale Auction in the morning and the PPRC anti-war rally and march at 5:00 p.m. The first event has been called by the forest kids, who are always in need of community support, and the second promises to be interesting due to the increasingly diverse tactics --including direct action on election night-- being used by PPRC and the folks who come to their events, who this week will include the Portland Public Schools Student Activist Alliance.

See you on the streets!