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Gordon Smith visiting Lewis&Clark College, reception planned

According to reliable sources, Senator Gordon Smith, fresh from his victory, will be speaking at 2:30 PM, on the Lewis and Clark College campus, in the Templeton Student Center. Yes, there will be some student and community activists there to explain that his guilt for war crimes in Iraq will not be erased by his ability to buy an election. Come out and help Senator Smith get the message about war, peace, and democracy.
And don't forget to come out to the Rally and March for Peace and Justice: Now War on Iraq! November 17th, 1pm, Pioneer Courthouse Square!
Actually, Gordon will speak at 3:30 pm... 06.Nov.2002 22:45


Gordon Smith will be speaking at 3:30 pm in Council Chamber in the Templeton Student Center. At 2:30 pm there will be a protest and speak-out against his policies in front of Templeton. Be there!

More info. 06.Nov.2002 22:59

LC student

He will be here tomorrow, Thu. November 7th.