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Portland Public Schools Student Activist Alliance @ PPRC Rally

Students from Portland Public Schools are speaking out this Friday at Pioneer Square @5pm!
Students from area high schools have organized! This Friday, students from the Activist Alliance will be speaking out against the war. In particular, students will be speaking about the military's presence in our public schools. Come out and support our energetic young activist friends.

By they by, it is worth noting that this new student activist alliance meets weekly. Stop by the rally and find out what they're working on.
Excellent! 06.Nov.2002 20:16

Den Mark, in Vancouver

I'll be at that rally, too. I'm a teacher (Science) & am always happy at protests to see high school brothers & sisters who know what's going on better than most adults do. Peace to all of you. Onward!

Time to be heard 07.Nov.2002 16:15

Mother Earth

We need to urge our leaders to leave the poor country of Iraq alone. Saddam has done nothing to hurts us and no evidence has shown any direct link to recent ills.

This war talk is all a charade to get unfettered access to Iraq's oil fields.

It is time the American people take back their voice, stand up, and be heard.

Currently the only voice the US person has is though some corporate sponsorship. As we have, all witnessed corporations' goals and aims are not humanitarian but rather worship wealth for the few and screw the rest.

Do not let this country take any more aggressions and lives in it wake of terror on the people of the earth.