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Taking a stand for Peak

Actions against the Peak timber sale continue. Two lockdown to Forest Service office.
On Monday November 4th the cops where there in full force with over 80 officers. They stood ready to arrest all of those that had planned to cross the closure that has been place on the area around the Peak timber sale. Well they waited and they waited we never arrived. They ended up looking really stupid and very scared because instead activist from Mazama Forest Defence locked down to the Rogue River National Forest headquarters. Showing once again that the element of suprise can make a simple action into an amazingly strong statement.
The lockdowners locked there necks to the entrance of the building around noon and were joined there soon after by 20 protesters. The police arrived a few minutes later. We danced and sang and passed out info about peak. The action lasted for about an hour. They unsrewed the handles and halled away the activists. There was no other major altercations with the cops for us on the outside.
On the inside it was not so peaceful for one of the activists named forest. He was not complying with the officers in a peaceful way by not standing or talking. Once they had him inside the jail he was pulled by his hair for 400 feet. Then the police stripped his pants off and pulled him by his feet causing his genitals to drag painfully on the concrete. Along with this humiliation they applied pain comliance hold the whole time. After being tortured in this manner for somtime the activist chose to walk to a cell. But still remained silent.
The next morning after not eating and not giving there names the activists went before the judge. The were told by court order that they must give there names and chose to do so. They were then released in the late after noon. We welcomed them with a lot of love and good food. We will contunue to fight for the land and all of her relations until all are free.
There is still active logging going on at Peak and to Tree-sits and still being maintained to protect this amazing place. That it for now more news come soon. Thanks to all those that helped out and made this action happen. Oh and thanks to the Forest Service for making it so easy to make them look foolish. We are always havin more fun than you!
lockdown 06.Nov.2002 15:36

SOU Media Collective

here's a photo of the Medford lockdown

File Charges? 06.Nov.2002 19:58

Den Mark

I assume charges will be filed against the punk cops who tortured the protester.

more lockdown 06.Nov.2002 21:25

SOU Media Collective

Actually, One of the arrestees is filing a grievance against one of the police officers involved in the arrest. Here's anothher picture of the lockdown.
more lockdown
more lockdown