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His job is done now.

Where's FWR?
Notice that after the election FWR is nowhere to be found. His job is done. He was a paid troll.
Who are you talking about? 06.Nov.2002 13:38

Who are you talking about?

Who are you talking about?

Our job is never done 06.Nov.2002 13:47

Putin Admirer #2

Don't you worry, crack babies. Suck on your bongs for a few more days or wait for Jerry's resurrection. We are too busy taking over the world to spend much time on Indymedia when we have Muslim scumbags to eradicate.

Yep. 06.Nov.2002 13:47


Obviously his job was done well.

FWR was the "Fat White Republican" who was flaming, spamming, trolling away on this site for awhile now. Post-election he has disappeared.

what in the world are you talking about? 06.Nov.2002 14:18


How could a troll on portland.indymedia.org possibly have any effect on the outcome of an election?

First of all, not that many people even read this stuff (I challenge indymedia to publish their server stats. I bet they won't!)

Second, anyone with half a brain would just ignore him.

Oh wait, it's been shown that many people here can't read, can't do math, etc.

Geez guys, give him a break! 06.Nov.2002 14:23


It's only been one day! He's probably hung over from all those republican victory parties.

the problem is that any of you care about him 06.Nov.2002 15:00


had you all ignored him, his posts would have been less frequent

...yeah, I know that's an ideal not really possible, but it's still worth pointing out

FWR? 06.Nov.2002 15:02


Not as bad as Bush/Putin Admirer

did you miss me??? 06.Nov.2002 17:44


Geez, I guess I have quite a following.. And the last thing in the world I want to do is may you socialist dung beetles happy. So far you are batting a thousand. You haven't gotten shit right yet.

I do have a day job you know, and yes I was up watching the election returns until past 2AM.

No I'm not hung over, I didn't drink at all. No need, the endorphins haven't worn off yet.

Besides the guys networking dept. here at CIA in Langley, VA haven't come to pick up are computers yet. So I'm still charging to the same cost center number until they do.

Oh, wait, I meant the DNC hasn't picked it up, so I'm still eating doughnuts left over from the party, for some reason, nobody seem to have any appetite last night. Hummmmm... ..

But don't worry, you won't be lonely, you are always under constant surveillance. We know what you eat, what you read, and who you screw...

SSSSHHHH! WAIT, what was that? That sound came from under the bed!

OH NO!, Is it a CIA Spook? Is it a Greedy Corporation?




X is right. 06.Nov.2002 17:46


you guys get so worked up over little shit.

actually, I told one person here a month ago what I was, but he didn't get it.

I said I'm Flypaper...


is it safe 06.Nov.2002 18:13


is it safe to ingore ALL (or any) of the idiots who posted in this thread?

i've got Talking Heads lyrics on my mind.

water dissolve me AND "FWR", water remove me AND "FWR" :)

it is still possible to care about someone who doesn't necessarily care about you. that is true humanity.

(BTW, interesting commenting "FWR1").

i would have to say fuck the "CIA" and "FWR" ;)==wachu gon doo?

I am gay. 06.Nov.2002 20:48


I just want to be loved. I am not only fat but also gay. My dad would be so angry if he found out (I'm crying as I type this) but I have to say that I am a homosexual. I just don't like lying to myself and to the people I care about. My father makes me so scared and angry I want to bang drums all night long with bearded men who have resolve and integrity and wear firm, well filled hemp jeans. I have gorgeous dreams that I am being assaulted by a police officer in full riot gear (only from the waste up, the rest is a posing pouch with a police badge right where it counts). And a skinny, bearded young man with John Lennon glasses comes to my rescue saying, "Let's love one another" and all three of us do (now I'm blushing). I just love it when Cedar Pole (that's his name) rams the police truncheon up my...oops! got to go, I am helping my mother in the kitchen this evening and she calls...

Bye guys! I luv U!


much better 06.Nov.2002 22:14

don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Much better,

now you are starting to get a taste for counterfieting..

but its not police I have wet dreams about, its smelly hippies shoving bongs in my butt...

good try, and thanks for voting green..

we couldn't have done it without your help...


FWR 07.Nov.2002 09:03


...is the least of our problems. He's just one person who is at least willing to participate and have fun. Even if you vehemently disagree with him, which I do almost always, except when criticising demobrats, he is open and straight forward rather than being deceptive (well except for the CIS, Langley, Virginia stuff). There are bigger fish to fry.

peace children