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America is a vomitous cesspool

holly shit, we're fucked.
America is a vomitous cesspool
America is a vomitous cesspool
Fascinating...the Eugene Register Guard had a picture of Saxby Chambliss on the front cover today. Anybody else remember a few months ago when he told the Georgia State Sherriff's association that the best way they could fight terror would be to stop every arab at the state line and tell them to get lost?
inside we saw a picture of Ed Rendell, former mayor of philly who oversaw the firebombing of the MOVE house and 60 other low income black dwellings because one group decided to grow their own food, wear dreadlocks and get off the electrical grid. he's now governor of the whole state of penn.
nice pic of gordon smith, who's pushing plans to privatize the us water supply and sell it off to a giant french corporation who will no doubt turn our water system into one much like south africa's: where water will only come out of your tap if your pre-paid card has $$ on it, otherwise sorry sucker!

what the fuck is going on? i don't believe in this whole goddamned system, but how could the majority of those who do ask to be ruled by such vile, racist, fascist people? i swear, i think america must be inhabited by a twisted mass of hatefilled, ignorant fuckheads who want the world to go down the shitter and hope they'll stay on top in the meantime.

it really makes me want to punch the next straightlaced, clean-cut christian i see right in the face.

YES! 06.Nov.2002 13:50


(Ed McMahon voice)YES! You are correct sir!

couldn't have put it better myself 06.Nov.2002 14:07

straighlaced christian

Hey, don't punch me, man, i feel yo pain. What the fuk is going onNNNNNN here? Was no one paying ATTENTION?? Does the rest of the world get all their info from fuking campaign commericals???? I have no television. Someone fill me in. WAT THE FUK IS HAPPENING OUT THERE???? i'm utterly shocked.

Correction 06.Nov.2002 16:07


Actually Ed Rendell was not the mayor during the horrible MOVE bombing. That was Wilson Goode who thankfully was not elected for anything last evening.

BINGO 06.Nov.2002 17:14

Regime Change in America

"i swear, i think america must be inhabited by a twisted mass of hatefilled, ignorant fuckheads who want the world to go down the shitter and hope they'll stay on top in the meantime."

You hit the nail right on the head.

Leaders REFLECT the Sheople 06.Nov.2002 17:38


and yeah, you can make all the bleeding-heart excuses you want:

1. corporate media molds mushy minds
2. corporate dollars dictate devilish elections
3. wealthy plutocrats propogate American policy

etc., etc., etc.

but at the end of the vote tally--

this is **AMERICA**, 2002

look at your whitey-tighty neighbor, and . . .


tisk tisk 06.Nov.2002 18:18


love thy neighbor...

gosh, its just an election....

plutocrats 06.Nov.2002 19:59


"gosh, its just an election...."

gosh, he's just an Afghani . . .

gosh, it's just for better Homeland Security . . .

gosh, it was just an irreplaceable ecosystem . . .

gosh, it's just your Medicaid check . . .

gosh, it's just more tax cuts for billionaires . . .

gosh, it's just a Supreme US Court appointment . . .

gosh, it's just an un-privatized municipal water supply . . .

gosh, it's just your phone and email under surveillance . . .

gosh, it was just a Colombian paramilitary massacre funded by your own tax dollars . . .

gosh, it's just another prison, and with today's economy, people can use positions there . . .

gosh, it's just a bunch of privileged millionaires running the Executive and Legislative branches of government . . .

gosh, they're only Iraqis . . .

gosh, it's just more pesticides and arsenic in your ground water. . .

gosh, it's just a country composed of zombies who do nothing but consume at the mall, fast-food restaurants and watch TV . . .

(add your own . . .)

we're not being melodramatic... 06.Nov.2002 21:37


Can you (or anyone) please explain how we're really any more fucked than we were on Nov 4? Yes, the fuckers are still in power, but did anyone expect the election to change that?

Save your energy for when things really do go to shit; you'll need it and I'm guessing we don't have much time.

There's still time "Squegee your 3rd eye!" 07.Nov.2002 13:18


Folks, the situation exists in your heads - an election won't change shit, psilocybin or dimethyltriptamine on the other hand........
In short the problem relates more to an evolutionary one as opposed to a revolutionary one. All One.
Think for yourself elections won't solve shit my friends, there are no friends anywhere, there are no enemies anywhere.