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When the White Liberals Fail it is Time for the Militants

If we are to save our selves and all life on this planet we can no longer exist with the same co-operation in our own demise.
When the White Liberals Fail it is Time for the Militants

By Lloyd Hart

After reaching the threshold where I can no longer tolerate the white liberal pretense of caring about environmental, labor, women's, minority and gay rights here in the US and abroad, I have reached the conclusion that it is time for militancy on these issues right across the board. The white liberals will say that militant behavior will ruin any chance that they have at effecting change in the democratic process. I would like to point out to the white liberals that they walked away from democracy completely and finally when they did not challenge the ethnic and political cleansing of the voter list in Florida in 2000, effectively turning their back on the black vote in America. The white liberals claimed that George Bush did not have a mandate but rolled over on every significant issue Bush put into play. And when 9/11 occurred the white liberals tossed the US constitution into the scrap heap of history by voting for a completely illegal piece of legislation, the Patriot Act. And now that the glaring and questionable circumstances surrounding the security failures on 9/11 need investigation as to why Paine Stewart got F-16s in ten minutes prior to 9/11 but four very large air liners full of just as interesting people didn't the white liberals roll over again. And again it is revealed that commerce and the stock market are the lie that we always knew it was, the white liberals can't even make it an issue in an election they bragged they would win.

When it came time to neuter the fascist in the white house the white liberals didn't even show up let alone show up with a message that could mobilize the left leaning voters to the poles. The white liberal cabal inside this bankrupt democracy that almost never crests above 50% of eligible voters is actually two different parties. The one that can't stomach the wing nut christian fundamentalists who effectively control the republican party, so they call themselves democrats but are actually fiscal conservatives who are in it just for the money and who by the way have succeeded through the democratic leadership council to drive all real lefties from the process . And the others who are corrupt lefties that were once idealistic but have succumbed to the will of the big donors and who are cowards to the bone when it comes to effecting change or the will of the people.

Now that aggression has proven to work for the right they will continue to use it while the sects on the left bicker on how bad a fascist Bush really is. The only hope in this situation that can galvanize the left wing sects is militant behavior in the streets. Show those American minimum wage earners that you are actually willing to fight, to lay your life on the line for their freedom. Human beings instinctively react in favor of those that engage in the defense of their human rights. When the person clad in black through the garbage can through the window of the starbucks in Seattle the average working person in their heart of hearts had a reaction of empathy with that act, consciously or unconsciously they react favorably for the simple fact that powerlessness is universal amongst Americans. Which is why Blacks and and Latinos make up the majority of low ranking members of the military, powerlessness. People have turned away from the white liberals and the white fascists by a majority in pursuit of base satiation of their needs, settling for much less than democracy and a much lower definition of their needs.

As always history is event driven and the speedy march toward the Bush Doctrine of global domination and military primacy will provide plenty of opportunity to display our resistance in a militant fashion but unfortunately the so called non-violent aspect of what should now be called the opposition movement instead of the peace movement as the white liberals can't effectively claim that label any more. The non-violent peace activists see property damage as an act of violence instead of what it really is, an act of self defense. Causing damage to the very things that are destroying our lives like this economic system where the very air you breath is being turned into a commodity tradable by the haves by stealing it from the have nots. Violence is when you physically harm a another not commit an act of self defense by throwing a garbage can through a starbucks window. I do however caution those that feel that they can no longer contain their anger to be conscious enough not to bring harm to others if they feel that they need to break something. I do however advocate when you are physically being harmed as in being aggressively struck about the head and body that you also act in your self defense.

I would like to remind the non-violent peace activists that Gandhi was assassinated and it was made to look like it was done by religious fanatics but was quite clearly the work of the British. Yes Gandhi may have succeeded in securing India's so called independence but you must remember that Gandhi did this with actions and promises that India would redistribute the wealth being stolen from Indians by the British. Gandhi, if left alive would have then turned his sights on land reform and redistribution of the wealth. This is why he was assassinated, unless of course you wish to tow the official line. It is also important to remeber that if Gandhi had to confront America Fascists he would have been assassinated much earlier in his career, you know, like Martin Luther King.

If you do not stand up against the destruction of this planet as the New Delhi Doctrine of Adaptation to global degradation is now policy, you are simply appeasing the myth of the Fascist Social Darwinists and the Radical Christian Book of Revelationists which feed off each other to acquire power. How can reasonable people stand by and allow the activities of only 25% of the adult population of America drive us to destroy our selves. How can this be. Well it can't stand, It won't stand. It is now time for the second American Revolution in which America must answer for the crimes it has committed in the name of empire. A revolution that puts an end to the destruction of this planet. A revolution that removes commerce as the central operating principle of humanity and allows the free distribution of food, water, healthcare and housing that nature provides us so generously. A revolution that halts the space program in favor of the bio diverse replanting of the world's forests that are the single greatest source of food, water, healthcare and housing on this beautiful planet. A revolution that allows a well regulated free market to operate only after the fulfilling of the basic human, plant and animal needs. A Revolution not of workers but of human beings, where women are equal in all matters and where race is a joyful difference, and where culture is an incubator for enlightenment not an excuse for oppression.

If we are to save our selves and all life on this planet we can no longer exist with the same co-operation in our own demise. We must challenge the deforestation lumber business and pollution energy business by making it impossible for them to do business. These two industries must change or perish under the foot of Revolution. If the deforestation lumber business and pollution energy business think they can use our children and our taxes for their public subsidized fascist colonial plans we must teach them that they are dead wrong.

We must teach these fascists that the overwhelming majority of people in the world do not think and act like them and in fact that Americans do not think and act like them.

I would rather die than let this planet perish. So now I am a Militant Revolutionary. Viva Revolution!

homepage: homepage: http://dadapop.com

About that 2000 election... 06.Nov.2002 11:11

Erin Bolles sparrow@subluna.com


Would you consider Greg Palast to be a white liberal? Have you followed his investigative journalism regarding the disenfranchised black voters in Florida? Amy Goodman has, and I guess she's a white liberal as well.

Vandalism is Foolish 06.Nov.2002 12:46


What I take from this article is that you support the idea of vandalism of multinationals as an act of revolution.

Quite frankly, vandalism is foolish. You are not causing significant damage to corporations by breaking a window, graffiti-ing, or doing other forms of vandalism that can be covered by multinationals' other arm....the insurance industry.

If you want to reduce the dependency on multinationals, form a food (or other supply) co-op. Grow your own food; borrow other people's belongings for use around the house; buy used or make your own clothing. Learn how to fix things instead of buying them new. (FreeGeek is a *brilliant* idea....computers are powerful tools, and FreeGeek makes them FREE for sweat equity building systems for others.)

Liberals won't even go that far 06.Nov.2002 13:15


>If you want to reduce the dependency on multinationals, form >a food (or other supply) co-op. Grow your own food; borrow >other people's belongings for use around the house; buy used >or make your own clothing. Learn how to fix things instead of >buying them new. (FreeGeek is a *brilliant* idea....computers >are powerful tools, and FreeGeek makes them FREE for sweat >equity building systems for others.)

These are very radical changes and not at ALL what white
liberals do. White liberals aren't ready to give
up there SUV's and fancy clothing styles. They would rather
vote for Democrats and scold those of us who don't vote or know it is an exercise in futility and will spend the next four years fighting the decadence they enjoy! (While your shopping, bombs are dropping!) But there consciences are clear
because they voted for a Democrat! Give me a fucking break!

I'm one of the more wealthy radicals around and I spend a couple hundred dollars a month most of that for rent.

Fuck um'! Its time for the radicals and militants to take to
the streets! Your so-called "Democracy" is a failure!

The hearts and minds are controled by Madison Ave., and
it has no room for our ideas becasue our ideas seek to
tear down the system it stands on.


Militants 06.Nov.2002 13:19



Perhaps.... 06.Nov.2002 13:35


Perhaps if the radical militants and white liberals worked together, something COULD be accomplished to change the system through a peaceful means. Not all revolutions are bloody...

Contemplate on this 06.Nov.2002 14:41

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

"The people in power will not disappear voluntarily, giving flowers to the cops just isn't going to work. This thinking is fostered by the establishment; they like nothing better than love and nonviolence. The only way I like to see cops given flowers is in a flower pot from a high window."
-- William S. Burroughs

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
-- Thomas Jefferson

"It is necessary to differentiate strictly between the pacifism of the diplomat, professor, journalist, and the pacifism of the carpenter, agricultural worker, and the charwoman. In one case, pacifism is a screen for imperialism; in the other, it is the confused expression of distrust in imperialism."
-- Leon Trotsky

"We have dedicated our lives, our blood, to the freedom and liberation of our people, and nothing, no force can stop us from achieving our goal. If it is necessary to destroy the United States of America, then let us destroy it with a smile on our faces."
-- Eldridge Cleaver, Black Panther

"All successful revolutions are the kicking in of a rotten door. The violence of revolutions is the violence of men who charge into a vacuum."
-- John Kenneth Galbraith, The Age of Uncertainty

Greg is a labor lefty 06.Nov.2002 15:25

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

No, actually Greg I would consider more of a social anarchist unionist who has worked diligently for an enlightened society. I consider Greg a recently acquired friend as I have interviewed him and had that interview published at Znet. You can read that interview at Greg's site:  http://www.GregPalast.com/detail.cfm?artid=128&row=1

Lloyd Hart

previous pic aren't *militants* - THESE ARE: 06.Nov.2002 15:56

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Armed members of the New Black Panther Party stand outside the Republican Party of Texas state convention Friday, June 16, 2000, in Houston. About a dozen men from the group showed up to protest Texas' death penalty. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)
previous pic aren't *militants* - THESE ARE:
previous pic aren't *militants* - THESE ARE:

what is right is right and he's right 06.Nov.2002 16:26

ignatius p reilly

but remember what Ernesto "Che" Guevara wrote to his former mentor in a dedication at the beginning of Che's book Guerra de Guerrillas:

"To Dr. Palacios, who when I was a child, was already TALKING [my emphasis] about revolution."

stop talking and take to the streets...today's the day to do it.

Y'know.... 06.Nov.2002 16:29


I'm all for black power (as well as womyn's power, queer power, hispanic power, working class power), but the New Black Panther Party is not a group that radicals should strive to emulate, or join forces with.

They are virulently anti-semitic (and I mean anti-Jew, not anti-Israel), misogynstic, racial seperatists, and have a few too many connections with Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for my liking.

Supposedly, David Hilliard, an original BP is trying to restart another black power organization to counter the incipent fascism of the New Black Panther Party.

Timing is CRUCIAL, cowboy 06.Nov.2002 16:35

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

A revolution can be nipped in the bud, with all its best organizers and soldiers killed or imprisoned, when it isn't properly organized, when it is premature and without popular support, when people are mollified and contented, placated by TV, opium of the masses. Something must be done, but make it *effective.* Lay the groundwork now, while firearms are legal and the police state isn't as strong as it soon will be. Talk to your friends, learn marksmanship and munitions, and be prepared to LIVE for your cause rather than be killed for it.

devil's advocate 06.Nov.2002 18:38


the problem is, all you'll be doing with your "revolution" is jamming your idea of utopia down everyone's throat. facism doesn't only come from the right, leftists can be facist as well.
just because you don't get your way (this past election didn't go well for leftists i take it), doesn't mean you should immediately assume you were screwed out of an election. make inquiries if you're suspicious. you can't just make broad, jingoistic accusations with no concrete proof.
and the biggest problem with folks like you is, when you talk about "the people" and "doing it for the people", you mean "YOUR people", ie, people who tow your line to the letter. your just a much a bunch of nasty partisans as the far right cliques. i hope all you polarized, ism-ed out, status quo (it exists on all sides of the issues) pushing jerk-offs all disappear.

How to Avoid "Ballistics Fingerprinting" 06.Nov.2002 19:39

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

by Matt Maggio

After about the first three days of the Washington "snipers," the antigun lobby tried - rather unsuccessfully - to exploit it to get congressional support to require one of their longtime agendas: "ballistic fingerprinting" of all guns. So far, no politicians outside of longtime antigun extremists, ones in the most-solidly antigun districts, and ones in trouble in the polls desperate for a "Hail Mary pass" publicly support the idea - but the surest way to stop it is by giving every congressman in Red Nation and ones from non-urban parts of Blue Nation a politically-safe response to any lobbyist clamoring for it: It won't work.

"Ballistic fingerprinting" - to even theoretically work - would require what are the antigun lobby's real goals: registering all of the 250 million-odd guns Americans now own, banning private sales or gifts of guns, and banning gun shows. And that - rather than arresting any future "sniper" - is the antigun lobby's only real goal driving its renewed clamor for "ballistic fingerprinting"; after all, who thinks that anyone bent on multiple murder with his "ballistically fingerprinted" gun would calmly wait home to be arrested - rather than just embark on a cross-country murder spree like the gay guy who killed fashion designer Versace after several other gays in a coast-to-coast killing spree did, making arresting him even harder as he hourly moved into new turf where the police weren't looking for him?

"Ballistic fingerprinting" won't solve even ordinary crimes, as the "fingerprint" can easily be obliterated - but the antigun lobby doesn't mind. All it wants is its real goals - no private sales, no shows, and registration. So the best way to make it solidly safe for any congressman to oppose "ballistic fingerprinting" is on the ground that it simply won't work - and the best way to achieve that is to make widely known how easy it will be to "unfingerprint" a gun. And the instructions for doing it with common gun-cleaning tools in your kitchen in 20 minutes are below; you can send it to your congressman as proof of the unfeasibility of "fingerprinting" guns when you write him to oppose it.

All you really need are two stainless-steel brushes; one a barrel brush for the caliber of your gun, another a two-ended toothbrush.

Start by unloading the gun.
Field-strip it if possible.
Then - from the breech if possible - use the barrel brush to clean the barrel; doing this with a stainless-steel brush instead of a bronze one will drastically alter the striations.
Next, use the small end of the steel-bristled toothbrush to scour the inside of the chamber - changing the striations on ejected brass.
Next, use the small end of the steel-bristled toothbrush to scour the extractor - on both its front and back sides - to mess up extractor marks on ejected brass.
Next, scrub the bolt's front (or breech face if a handgun) that ammo rests on when fired with the stainless-steel toothbrush.
Finally, scour the firing pin's tip if you can using the steel-bristled toothbrush in order to mess up firing-pin indentations in ejected brass; get a friend who's a gun nerd if necessary to get you access to the firing pin's tip.

You can now lube and reassemble your gun. While barrel cleaning with a steel brush can degrade accuracy, it's unlikely to matter at hunting or self-defense ranges - and you will only do it once, anyhow.

It is best if you do this procedure before sight-in in order to avoid having to repeat sight-in.

Wrong Black Panthers 07.Nov.2002 10:36


The original Black Panthers were a group to emulate. They were forceful, but did not support violence as a means to an end. They provided many services to innder cities.

Get rid of whitey 07.Nov.2002 16:23

Stop the WASPs

It is time to cleanse the world of the Evil White

I'm with Varro 07.Nov.2002 22:08

Lamet W Vali

Varro hit the nail on the head. But once again, the voice of reason is drowned in a wash of shrill "radical" sloganeering on IMC. Sigh.

If you want to change things, start on your own block and in your own neighborhood. Try building the alternative to the current greed economy. The Black Panthers knew this, the guns were just for show, the real work was happening back in the neighborhood.

Planting a garden, or organizing a skill sharing system might not be too exciting for the testosterone-poisoned "radicals" but it does work.

Revolution is a Prolonged Process 08.Nov.2002 22:30

John Paul Cupp Anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com

I agree at least in part with
the reallity of pacifisms decadant and national chauvenist nature, however I think that i would equally critical of the anrachist movement and anarchism itis self. for starters a good case in point was the recent oct 22nd police brutality stolen life project that ended in an embarressing arguement with the security guards at a shopping mall, and side drama, that was counterproductive to the militant aims and purposes. the objective of a demo is not to violently overthrow the state, but to increase public sympothy for a specific agenda and a revolutionary movement in general. this is at least correct in this nation were their is no basis for revolutionary violence. I do not disagree with the use of armed struggle in nations oppressed by imperialism, in fact i idolize them a bit.that said, while i am not morally opposed to such things as the sla and the weather underground of the vietnam era, I do think that a discussion on stradegy and tactics are important. the first thing any would be revolutionary should do is work actively not for armed struggle of black bloc rioting, but to be seen as the uncompromising defender of the community of the homeless the unions, muslims, ethinic minorites, the enviroment, to be seen as the peoples police against a fascist occupation. to act in a undisciplined way is not immoral but is an inexcuseable error in movement building that harms the potnetial for a real people's based movement. I was fully supportive of the black bloc at the wto, and agree with this, but it is not an end in and of its self, as a tactic for galvinising a generation that is important but then when you have the troops, discipline them by self-example. show the people that you do more than riot and wear halloween costumes. be the one that takes the shirt off of your back. be the first one to take a rubber bullet when it comes at another, that is how you build the respect of comrades and the community.

Be tireless organizing with the migrant workers. show up when muslims are repressed.be polite and hold your self as a strong individual that works well with others. also too man 'radicals do not know polemica or have discipline in debate with those they bitterly oppsed. if i call you a fuck fuck nazi, this only embarresses my associates,even if my point is generally superior. be principled in you polemics and allow other to crtize you and critize your self. perhaps you will find that some of hte people who do not have dread locks and purple hair are ideologically committed to revolution, and are just as antagonistic to the diease of liberalism,only more effective at creating united fronts and persuaded misguided comrades of their errors. people do not admit to errors if they are called fucking anythings. many many people will move in a very militant and revolutionary position over the course of the next 3 years mark my words. i am not calling for a revolution, but i am declareing that the conditions will creat more and more revolutionaries who will come forward if even on a small step,a dn they will gladdly have their blood spilt so their children can live in peace with social jsutice. comrades I LOVE CHE, AND CARLOS THE JACKAL, THE WEATHER UNDERGORUND, BUT I TAKE IT WITH THE TIMES. THE ERA WAS ADVENTURISTIC AND DID NOT HAVE SUPPORT BASE IN THE MASSES NOT EVEN WITH OPPRESSED MINORITIES IN GHETTOS AND RESERVATIONS, OR THE YOUTH WITH OUT HOPE OR THE LOW WAGE ERANER, OR THE UNEMPLOYED.WE NEED AN INFRASTRUCTURE AND WE NEED TIRELESS DISCIPILINE FOR THIS. I MYSELF AM GUILTY OF THIS COMRADES. IT IS HARD, AND IT IS CONTINUEING PROCESS. EACH DAY WE IMPROVE OURSELVES THURE MUTUAL AID AND CRITISISM.We need this. we are at step one not 100.
Also the photo fo the nbp party are excellent. i respect them and think bobby seale is a seal out for working with the imperialist for have them shut down. so what if they are homophobic, this does not mean that we can not support these revolutionary brothers and sisters when they are correct. the action shwon was for comrade shaka sankofa, a revolutionary that g w bush killed in the chair. they provided security protection for the people while they fought for social jsutice. the anarchsit blakc cross and the revolutionary communist youth brigades borke in to free comrade shaka sankofa, but failed and recieved harsh sentences. the people had a right to rebel.
also comrades,

The fbi already know