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Calling All Zionists!

Before you go calling Arabs or anyone else "racist", "nazi" or "anti-Semitic"....
...you better check who the founders of your precious state of Israel made deals with in order to occupy Palestine-and who they left at the mercy of the nazi regime!

Well documented article by Lance Selfa exposing Zionist collaboration with Nazi Germany:

homepage: homepage: http://la.indymedia.org/news/2002/10/20748.php

demon's advocate for a sec 05.Nov.2002 20:45


instead of "well documented" how about "best documented"? sorry, in most cases,absolute proof is the best (ideal) proof.

that means... 05.Nov.2002 20:48


...corroboration of "sources" sometimes is a good thing.

Question for anti-fascist 05.Nov.2002 21:24


If you are so committed to the cause of anti-racism, where were your postings when people on this site recently praised Protocols of Elders of Zion and Henry Ford's The International Jew? Oh, you were nowhere to be found. I guess you are just another pathethic third-world idealogue who buys every bullshit conspiracy theory about Jews. So you and GRINGO STARS can go fuck yourself. Go cry about the Palestinians. We know you are full of shit when it comes to racial justice. Your biases are way too clear. So go worship the mufti of Jerusalem's dealings in WWII and my condolences on the six of your buddies in Yemen going to hell yesterday. Hopefully you will be going there soon to join your Islamofascist friends. Maybe the 4000 Israelis you believe called in sick from the WTC will take you out soon enough

NO ONE said that 05.Nov.2002 21:36

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

NO ONE praised PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION - everyone knows thats bogus, everyone. And quit acting like Zionists didn't choose the homeland over saving Germany's Jews - because they didn't. They let the Jews die because having a precious homeland was more important than saving Jews.

GRINGO STARS is a bad liar 05.Nov.2002 21:46


Really, then what is this link?

Guess you can't handle being caught in your web of lies, Nazi boy. And like anyone gives a shit about articles in the International Socialist review magazine, very credible source, not.

shining the light on you people 05.Nov.2002 21:47


thanks for making it clear what is going on w/ this "Jew v. the others" threading.

can i just call whoever is posting here idiots, just to save time?

answer: a non-zionist jew 05.Nov.2002 23:22

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

That link is from a Jew, an anti-zionist Jew, who says that the "Protocols of Zion" doesn't matter. I never read that before, go figure.

blacks01, why are any of MY arguments idiotic? What don't you understand? All the guy who keeps calling me a Nazi says is: "you are against Israel - you must be a Nazi - you love Arafat, etc etc." I am not a Nazi - I oppose fascists, which is why I oppose the aprtheid system of Israel.

His arguments are very personal attacks on me and happen so regularly I stopped caring 20 posts ago. His tactics are to bring the level of dialog down so low that the entire thread gets composted because of his unapologetic reposting and insults, which are both unacceptable actions here on IndyMedia. I must be the dope because I respect the rules of IndyMedia.

Anyone who hates fascism hates the U$A and I$rael, and it's not difficult to see why. But if you need help seeing why, please email me. I have offered to talk to the pro-Zionist guy but he prefers to talk schitt publicly for propagandic reasons. I suggest you go to those links and read the ISR articles. Look at the footnotes and decide how well you trust those sources. I think it's some amazing, brave, helpful journalism, but the Zionists prefer to instead attack personally those who link to them:

answer: a non-zionist jew
answer: a non-zionist jew

defactualizing analysis 05.Nov.2002 23:37


a) the Rose Cohen post is the work of a fraud, and a spoof on the name of Ran Cohen

b) to the credit of Portland IMC, ALL responses to the Rose Cohen post were highly critical.

c) zionists mutilate language, smear reputations and provoke hostility in order to stifle rational debate

d) absolute "proof" can never be gleaned from a text
(see wwww.nobeliefs.com - "confusing the map with the territory)

e) blackOI is a rightwingnut liberal poser


Thank you counterfreep 06.Nov.2002 00:37

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

The link to the explanation of "Rightwingnut Posers" is very informative. It must be a sign of the effectiveness of IMCs that they attract so many of such species these days.

I've Got Better Things to Do... 06.Nov.2002 08:51


...than sit in front of the computer 24/7 dealing with Zionists, nazis, racists and other rightwing-nuts. And, of course, the Zionist scumball responding to my post had nothing to say about Zionist complicity with Nazi Germany-I'll take that as an admission of guilt:Zionism=fascism!

Zionidiots 06.Nov.2002 09:26


Zionists will never back down from their pulpits. The anti-zionists are not afraid of being critical of Palestine. They just realize that Zionism afflicts such massive evil that to ignore it is complicity. The zionists prove their agenda by not addressing what are clearly facts about zionist history.

Why keep ashkeNAZI a secret? 06.Nov.2002 23:42


that has been their tribal name for centuries.