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Plea for the ancient forests

please read below. the forest needs you.
I am a Cascadian activist.
I have lived what goes on in the forests. I have seen rivers silted brown and dead. I have been dragged by my up-twisted arms over logging roads by men who did not wait for an answer to their question, "Will you walk or won't you?" I have seen eyes clenched shut onto pepper spray. I have watched camouflaged snipers wading through the shadows, hands on their rifles, with only one or two camera-holders to witness their deeds. And, because there were two cameras, I felt lucky. This is in the United States. Who knows what goes on somewhere else? My friends who are my family risk their lives, daily, to save a few hundred acres of trees, occasionally. We all hope that the way that we get the word out, and the time we are able to spend among living beings who infuse the air with life, and infuse us with strength, makes the risk worthwhile, but sometimes it feels like we are trying to stop a giant using a few mosquito-bites. For most of the year, the profit-creature that promotes vast destruction in the name of exchanging trees for luxury is sprawled out over so many nations, and parts of nations, that hundreds of towns would need to coordinate to impact every active part of the perpetrator so suddenly and simultaneously that we could not be ignored. In Dallas, from Thursday, November 7th, until Saturday, November 9th, you have the chance to speak to nearly every part of the forest industry as its attention gathers into one place. Even if you can't make it to Dallas, I urge you to create a local flare-up in solidarity, and make sure that NAWLA knows about it, loud and clear. I ask you for the sake of the web of life our lives depend upon, for the sake of the people I know, and love, who place their lives at risk every day, for the sake of the incredible partners in resistance that I have not ever met, and for the sake of the land itself, to act your truth in the face of power-over, before this head-honcho bloc scatters, invisibly sunk into the corners of the world, as diffuse, and as difficult to influence, as mist.

I am positive that if you work or play towards social change, you do amazing work already. I ask you this as a favor: bring your selves. Stand forward. I believe that it would help.
NAWLA is the North American Wholesale Lumber Association. NAWLA is an international trade association of over 650 forest products companies throughout the United States and Canada, whose combined annual sales exceed $30 billion. Oregon members include Roseburg Forest Products, D.R. Johnson Lumber, Superior Lumber, Zip-O-Log Mills, Seneca Sawmills, OrePac, and Rosboro Lumber.

NAWLA is having a big trade meeting in Dallas, TX this weekend November 7-9, 2002 at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel. Folks are gathering in Texas and across the nation to bring attention to NAWLA, its members, and forest destruction.

Get plugged in, help out, plan your own action, get to the forest, there's much to be done.

for more information on NAWLA, please email  stopnawla@yahoo.com
Action in Portland? 05.Nov.2002 15:29


Maybe an action/protest could be organized in conjunction with the November 7th Day of Action opposing the Unhealthy Forest Initiative? It would be a perfect time to let our newly elected "representatives" know what we think!