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Emergency Day of Action! November 7th

Stop the McINNIS/WALDEN Logging Bill!
Day of Action on the "Healthy Forest" logging plan.
We need everyone across the country to participate in this emergency day of action, either by helping with protests at four primary targets (Rep. DeFazio (D-OR), Rep. Miller (D-CA), Rep. Udall (D-CO), and Rep. Boehlert (R-NY), or by coordinating events and media releases in your own region.

Until we permanently end the commercial logging program, the logging industry will always have a Salvage Rider or fire-logging scam up their sleeves. The National Forest Protection and Restoration Act is the permanent solution to this problem, and in the mean time, we must defeat the "Healthy Forests" Logging bill!

Bring examples of timber sales to demonstrate how the federal timber sale program is broken in your area, AND how the "Healthy Forests" logging scam will only exacerbate this problem.

Contact the key negotiators listed below (Reps. Miller, Boehlert, Udall, and DeFazio) and let them know you are opposed to any weakening of environmental laws or new incentives such as goods for services stewardship contracting that tie fuel reduction to logging old-growth and mature trees.

Phone Fax Staff
Rep. Sherwood Boehlert 202/225-8772 226-0113 David Goldston
Rep. George Miller 202/225-2095 225-5609 Amelia Jenkins
Rep. Peter DeFazio 202/225-6416 225-0032 David Dreher
Rep. Mark Udall 202/225-2161 226-7840 Stan Sloss

Respectfully urge them to oppose H.R. 5319 and specifically to:

1. Oppose any expedited procedures for hazardous fuels projects. The Forest Service is already abusing this program to justify old growth logging and entry into roadless areas (please send examples!). Additional discretion for the agency is likely to cause additional harm to the forests. And finally, there is no justification for expedited procedures because there is no evidence that conservationists have been stopping legitimate fuel reduction projects.

2. Oppose goods for services stewardship contracts which create an incentive to log old growth and other commercially valuable trees.

3. Oppose any limits on the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Without alternatives, NEPA is essentially gutted. In this case, it would allow the Forest Service to offer just one brand of fuel reduction projects (industrial logging grade) with little or no analysis about the potential environmental harm.