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Krishnamurti Group Forming

A discussion group is forming to pursue our interests in the life and ideas of Krishnamurti. Contact me at  ince@pacifier.com for details.
Throughout his lifetime, Krishnamurti insisted that he wanted no followers. "To follow another is evil," he said, "it does not matter who it is." He created no organization of believers and disciples, authorized no one to become an interpreter of his work and asked only that, after his death, those who shared his concerns preserve for posterity an authentic record of his talks, dialogues and writings and make them widely available to the public.

For more than sixty years Jiddu Krishnamurti traveled the world giving public talks and private interviews to millions of people of all ages and backgrounds, saying that only through a complete change in the hearts and minds of individuals can there come about a change in society and peace in the world. He was born in Mandanapalle, South India on May 12, 1895 and died on February 17, 1986 in Ojai, California, at the age of ninety. His talks, dialogues, journals and letters have been preserved in seventy books and in hundreds of audio and video recordings.

The above was copied from the web page  http://www.kinfonet.org/Biography/bio.htm. To find out more go to  http://www.kinfonet.org.

We are forming a group in the Portland, OR, area to discuss his work and its implications for our times and our lives. If you are interested contact me at  ince@pacifier.com for details.

-- Michael
krishnamurti pic 05.Nov.2002 17:26


krishnamurti pic
krishnamurti pic

think for other people 05.Nov.2002 20:31


'Throughout his lifetime, Krishnamurti insisted that he wanted no followers'

--so why would the guy want a "group" of starry-eyed followers?? too bad Jesus the Christ is 'dead' now, he might be cursing out a few million people right now.

damn, think for the self--that's the whole point. it's why the guy didn't WANT followers.


haha 05.Nov.2002 23:25

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

"Never quote me about anything."
-- Buddha

Find "OUT" 06.Nov.2002 09:37

A. Crowley

"There ain't no Guru who can see through your eye, - I found out"

John Lennon