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Bad Democrats...

Democrats in Maryland facing the likely prospect of low turnout among black voters, decided to motivate their most-loyal constituency through fear. An "anonymous" flier mysteriously began "appearing" in a handful of black neighborhoods Monday, and Democrats immediately began accusing Republicans of Jim Crow-style intimidation of minorities.

The unsigned flier — which looks like the handiwork of someone with a fleeting knowledge of word processors — says in plain black lettering on white paper:

URGENT NOTICE. Come out to vote on November 6th. Before you come to vote make sure you pay your parking tickets, motor vehicle tickets, overdue rent AND MOST IMPORTANT ANY WARRANTS.

Although Democrats managed to make great hay out of the flier — Democrats say both NBC and ABC covered it — state Democratic press secretary David Paulson could only confirm that four of the fliers had been found, and at a single grade school at that. Paulson speculated that there may have been "dozens" of fliers elsewhere around the state, but he wasn't sure. It's hard to understand how four fliers — again at one location — could gin up such hysteria, particularly since there's no actual proof that this was anything other than a Machiavellian stunt by Democratic operatives.
One prominent Democratic strategist says that this move has "Bob Shrum's fingerprints all over it." Political operative Shrum has long ties to the Kennedys. He wrote Ted Kennedy's famous 1980 convention speech, and more recently is known for creating some of the ugliest attack ads around. He helped devastate Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbrey four years ago with ads portraying the Republican as a bigot.

As cynical political calculations go, posting a few fliers and then crying foul might be exactly what the Democrats need to rally the troops in a gubernatorial race that appears headed to the Republican column for the first time in over 30 years. Republican denials of involvement would — and did — all have the flavor of "No, I didn't hit my wife." Anchors on one cable-news channel, for example, debated whether the flier was the product of a Republican organization or just an individual Republican, overlooking the distinct possibility that Democrats orchestrated the whole affair.

Given who Democrats have at the top of the ticket, they would have a strong incentive to fight dirty. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Kennedy Townsend has been unable to connect with black voters, suffering from one misstep after another.

The biggest blunder came when she was making her selection for a running mate. In the most-Democratic state in the union — at least Republicans periodically make respectable showings and even sometimes win in Hawaii and Massachusetts — Townsend picked a Republican to join her on the ticket. In a state like Mississippi or Utah, such bipartisanship might be savvy and even a bit cunning. Running n Maryland, however, Townsend managed to gain not one crossover vote — aside from that of her running mate — while infuriating Democrats, particularly blacks.

While denying they are making any direct accusations, Democrats were furiously trying to convince the media that the flier business was yet another in a long line of "Republican intimidation tactics." Townsend campaign spokesman Peter Hamm — one breath after denying that he was actually pointing the finger at the GOP — said that the flier had to be produced by the GOP. "I don't need to look at the sky to know it's blue," he quipped. When pressed for evidence to support his contention, he timidly replied, "In a sense, we have no proof."
Hey, I thought you weren't a conspiracy nut 05.Nov.2002 10:16

singin' a new tune

Anyway, this is gossip, not news. Take a look at how Karl Rove got into politics.

... 05.Nov.2002 11:41

this thing here

it is not beyond the republican party to do this. or somebody paid by them. i'm looking forward to finding out who stapled up these notices, and where the money trail leads.

this attempt to lay the blame at the feet of the democrats is the typical behavior of the right wing's paid apologists. i'd love to know the actual author of the piece above and in which journal/newspaper it appeared, or which website it was copied/pasted from.

there's a certain racist overtone to the notices. i wouldn't be surprised if it was the neo-nazi clans in the d.c. - baltimore area, out having a laugh, trying to stir up trouble with a sick joke.

whoever did it is fucked up, and deserves a good beating as far as i'm concerned. this kind of shit needs to stop.

you are black if... 05.Nov.2002 11:43


if any of the following applies to you:

·motor vehicle tickets (including non-moving violations; ie, parking)

·overdue rent


--then you are "black".

if this in fact did occur (link for story pls), who would delivered (in such a timely manner) such a strange--the day before the election--bit of *information* on a flyer? who could be that devious and efficient--the Democrats? Republicans? *laugh*...really, who could have done this? and which "black neighborhoods" specifically? i haven't been in the area or state in a while, but i can't really remember there being too many "black" neighborhoods specifically--see, last i checked it was more an issue of economics that drove people to live by each other, not necessarily race as far as i could tell (for instance; a lot of people of south and central american descent lived in the Langley Park, Maryland area of Montgomery County (3 minutes from the D.C. line); nobody ever called it an "hispanic neighborhood". as well, some people of carribean and african origin lived in the area as well.

people live places, why not just call it a neighborhood?

'looks like the handiwork of someone with a fleeting knowledge of word processors'

--or someone pretending to have only a fleeting knowledge of 'word processors'...

communist party usa report on 2002 election

courting the voting negro

a vote of faith

Bush luh da blacks

now ask yourself... 05.Nov.2002 20:38


what is a neighborhood? why can't EVERY LIVING BEING be considered to occupy a single 'hood?

what is stopping people from seeing others as equal to themselves?

(i speak not to the psy-0ps who clearly have a job to do in regards to imc disruption, but to PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY HAVEN'T BEEN TOLD HOW TO USE THEIR BRAINS)

anyway, keep blathering about the "political" crap...