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KBOO Bike Show - Wed am

The KBOO Bike Show airs
the 1st Wednesday of the month
from 9-10 am
on 90.7 fm
streaming live on the web at www.kboo.fm.
The new, expanded KBOO Bike Show invites you to call in with questions and comments.

On this month's show:
- Interview with long time cyclists
- Biking in Chicago
- Community Cycling Center's Holiday Bike Drive
- Critical Mass updates
- and your questions and comments!

On the December 4th program:

Bicycle lawyer and advocate Ray Thomas will present his "Know Your Legal Bicycle Rights" clinic live on air.

homepage: homepage: http://www.kboo.fm

Great! 05.Nov.2002 08:20

we need it!

Glad to hear this show is now longer because it is a really great program. We bicyclists need it. People who are not bike riders need it. KBOO is amazing.

New to town bicyclist 05.Nov.2002 08:36

Stephen a.

I'm new to town and really glad to hear about this show because I'm from Illinois and there there is a short bike segment on our community radio station. I'm glad there is something out here too and I look forwrd to listening tomorrow morning. We need more of these types of radio programs.

Bicyclists Unite!

kboo bike show logo? 05.Nov.2002 17:57

i don't know why i call him gerald

i offer this as a logo for the KBOO bike show... wouldn't it look cool on bike stickers with the showtimes on it? no payment necessary. just gimme a high five during the next critical mass.
kboo bike show logo?
kboo bike show logo?

bombZoo not persia 06.Nov.2002 09:11

eddyB pocholoco@doramail.com