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Hoodlum Drummers To Bring Shenanigans to Election Night Festivities

Hoodlum Drummers To Bring Shenanigans to Election Night Festivities
Rumor has it that a roving band of thug drummers will be raising a ruckus tonight at the "victory" parties of Oregon's elected politicians. The communique I have received requests the presence of ALL PEOPLES in opposition to WAR, rising amerikan Fascism, and the status quo of amerikan life.

While the politicians beat the drums of WAR, the people will strike the drums of PEACE. Who will be heard?

please come.

for details
The sweetest, most gentle peace drummers ... 05.Nov.2002 07:41

Adding percussion to the discussion

Just so there's no misunderstanding, the post about "thug" drummers is, I think, not intended literally. The drummers and folks on the streets tonight are just about the most peaceful, kind and thoughtful crowd that you could ever hope to meet.

However, they are militantly anti-war, militanty pro-justice, and extremely pissed off at the Republican scum that's forcing this country into another war. We are also certain that the Democrats need a lot more "encouragement" to take a more vocal, more principled and more determined stand against this war.

where is the calendar 05.Nov.2002 09:26

computer barely literate

Hey, i can NOT get the calendar, ever. Why not? I keep getting an error mssg that says the page i am looking for is cuyrrently unavailable, might be experiencing tech difficulties, or else i might need to adjust my browser settings. Vas ist das? So in other words, gimmie the details on this drum thug thing -- where u gonna be, drum thugs?

Thugs... 05.Nov.2002 11:28

P. Aradiddle

The whole 'thug" and "shenanigans" is supposed to be a little Ironic. No real thugs will be drumming, at least i don't think there are. There will however be lots of noise and chanting and sign waving and of course the incessant pulse of the peace drums.

KBOO 05.Nov.2002 11:38


Are these the same malcontent drummers they were talking about this morning on KBOO? I hope so, drums rock!

am i blind? 05.Nov.2002 11:49


i cannot find in this post or in the calendar exactly where this is taking place... am i just blind? where to meet?

here ya go 05.Nov.2002 12:30


Southeast Uplift 3534 SE Main, between Hawthorne and Belmont

It might also be helpful... 05.Nov.2002 13:16

maxomai maxomai@aracnet.com

...to cast a ballot today. That could turn a victory party into a much bigger disappointment.

pic of drummers for feature 05.Nov.2002 13:18

digcam boy

pic of drummers for feature
pic of drummers for feature

to maxomai 05.Nov.2002 14:14

Chriss Triplette

Good idea!

But voting for one or the other of the current candidate jokers is a lot like hitting the opposite sides of a bass drum; they sound a little different, especially if you strike in different places, and sure there's probably a sweet spot if you hit it just right, but your still beating the same damn drum! I hope the drummers rove to whoever wins Democratican or Republicrat! and make some noise!