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Anarchists, let us vote!

Yes, true democracy is people, voting. Fuck their people, we got our own. I elect Johnny La Foque ('Jonny Law Fuck you'), as my write in, for all candid-ation.... Join me in the DEMOCRATIC MOCKERY!"
Yes, let us all vote, for that is our right. In the future, this will be exercised more legitimately. But as of now, we know the score, so we must vote, the unexpected, to expect any chance, in the tides of change....

People, vote for u.s., Johnny La Foque, for goverment exchange.
Thank you.


phone: phone: 555.1212
address: address: p.o.b. 75

Get your Free Sticker right here 05.Nov.2002 11:18

common sense voter

Yes I just voted. Most of my votes went to the Greens, one major vote to a lesser-of-two-evils, and one write-in for Mickey Mouse since no one decent showed any interest in the job.
Get your Free Sticker right here
Get your Free Sticker right here

evil deeds 05.Nov.2002 12:05


how do you 'know' someone is "evil", to whatever degree? why is a lesser 'evil' better than a greater one? what about no evil, is that still a good thing?

i do think i want to watch the Daily Show election coverage though; their not only going to tell you who won, but also who lost.