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Make your Vote Count

Make sure you turn in a valid ballot. The newswire article about voting problems contains a misleading comment about the envelopes. Here's what you need to know.
Since I work at an official ballot drop-off site, I know for a fact what will invalidate your ballot regarding the envelopes.

1. You do not need the Secrecy Envelope. That is for your privacy. If you seal your ballot inside the signature envelope without the secrecy envelope, your ballot is still good.

2. THE ENVELOPE YOU NEED is the one you must sign that has your name and address. If you do not have this envelope, YOUR VOTE WILL BE INVALID. Waste no time, get to the elections office to get a replacement, plan to stand in line.

3. While you must have this envelope with your name, address, and signature to be valid, this envelope can be in poor repair. Yes, it can be mangled, wrinkled, cut open and taped shut and IT IS STILL VALID.

If you have a key to unlock the door to your vote, this envelope is it. It is a one-of-a-kind envelope, it ensures that your vote counts, and it counts only once. Instead of a person ticking your name off of a list, you have this envelope. If you threw it away, don't wait until 7 pm to beg for a new one at the elections office.

Remember, you can drop your vote off at any Multnomah County Library, any Oregon ballot. You don't need a stamp.

So if you need to change that NO on Measure 23 to a YES, please do open your envelope, change your vote, put the ballot back inside and tape it shut. Your vote will still be valid.