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Chemtrails in full force on Election Day

Over the Portland skies flies planes of dubious reputation in the world of aviation.
After a lull of several weeks, chemtrail activity is out in full force over the Portland area today apparently begining this morning. Anyone who looks outside will see the characteristic white haze desending upon the city punctuated by long, persistant trails of what are generally taken for condensation trails by the uninformed. Whether or not today's trails are directly related to today's election is open for speculation by those so inclined but what is not mere speculation is the reality of a very illegal, undemocratic black operation taking place in our skies as I write this. For example, according to the Encyclepedia of Climate and Weather condensation trails cannot form when the relative humidity is below 70% since the heat of the passing plane must catalyse the saturation (read: 100-101%) of the area to create visible clouds or condensation. So surely there is a reasonable explanation for the "contrails" above our heads and the fact that relative humidity is currently at 50%. See for yourself here:


From the Space Preservation Act of Rep. Kucinich which in the first draft specifically mentions chemtrails:

(B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as--

(i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;
(ii) chemtrails;
(iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;
(iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;
(v) laser weapons systems;
(vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and
(vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.

to satalite photos:  http://www.carnicom.com/submit1.htm

to specific patents:  link to and

 link to patft.uspto.gov (click on IMAGES to view this *powder contrail generator* !!!!)

to the Air Force's own paper Vision 2025: Weather as a Force Multiplier ( http://www.au.af.mil/au/2025/) credible information on this paticular phenomenon is by no means in short supply.

So I voted today, but I was not able to find in the Voter's Guide which canidates are for or against secret government geoengineering projects, or what the estimated financial impact such a program is expected to have (I mean, is there a levy for that sort of shit or does it come out of the general fund..?) so I suppose we will have to educate our elected officials. Representative Kucinich did not write the Space Preservation Act of his own accord. It can be done.

A couple of problems 04.Nov.2002 14:41


>>>Whether or not today's trails are directly related to today's election

1. Election day is tomorrow, not today.

2. If the fabled chemtrail people are trying to influence the election, the joke's on them. Anyone who has not mailed their ballot by now is not going to get it counted, unless they deliver it in person. Most people have already voted.

i noticed that 04.Nov.2002 16:00


i noticed the skies being really clear for at least the past few days. i saw a jet today at about 1:45pm flying south to north spitting out the "trail".

You have some chems of your own? 04.Nov.2002 16:19

Tired of your scatology

Well Im not the first to point out that election day is tomorrow, duh, but when we read the weather reports and we talk about temperatures and relative humidity it does not pertain to elevations of 30,000 feet. That is to say if its 58 degrees with a relative humidity of 60% in Portland, it doesnt correlate to an altitude of 30,000 feet where your "chemtrails" are being dissemenated, so what the fuck do you know?

Tell me about Chemtrails 04.Nov.2002 16:22


Call me on your cellphone while driving in your SUV.

I'm sure the government has all sorts of nasty weapons. However, I also think that we might be better served worrying about carbon monoxide, electrical emissions near our brains, microwaves, genetically modified foods, junk food, rude people, poisoned meat, drivers who hit cyclists, war.

If we reduced the hazards that we can see, we'd have better resistance to the ones we can't see.

I tell you, our mojo is mighty. Eat right, get out of your cars, turn off the TV... you'll gain immunity to chemtrails. Fight the Fascists and you'll gain a superhuman empowerment to live a real human life. It'll feel good.

Paranoia only helps them keep you distracted. I wouldn't be surprised if Chemtrails were just harmless white stuff designed to make you go 'Hey, what are they doing?'

Send up magick balloons to fight the Evil Greyfaces. Make them wonder what 'We' are doing. Invoke creativity, wonder, joy as well as our anger and disgust.

And turn off your cellphone while driving your SUV.

Still breathing 05.Nov.2002 01:41

My fingers in the wind

If your assertion is that humans are being affected by the "chemtrails" then there should be some very obvious data showing up over the next week or so. I.e., increased visits to the ER for respiratory illnesses, increased 'sick days' at work, increases in the number of children not showing up for school.

Of course, that would require some work on your part to document, which you have shown no inclination to do. Despite this being as simple as making some calls to the Board of Education, various ERs or a few workplaces you merely post links to other speculative fiction. Conspiracy theory just doesn't have much room for facts, it seems.

If you are asserting that global or local weather changes are being created by "chemtrails" then you are even more wack. As a recent news story in the Sunday Oregonian (11/3/02) pointed out, a major victory has been achieved by corporations and the U.S. government in international environmental circles because of the shift on global warming. No longer will prevention be pre-eminent; rather, the emphasis will be on coping with global warming. This process which is occurring at a global level because of unchecked industrialisation (and those pesky SUVs) overshadows anything that a few jet engines could spew out.

So could you stop polluting Portland IndyMedia or do some real research first?

912 contrails 05.Nov.2002 07:58

no air traffic

912 contrails - reload 05.Nov.2002 08:57

no air traffic

912 contrails - reload
912 contrails - reload

Somewhat convinced skeptic 05.Nov.2002 11:05


Yes, I saw them yesterday morning too while riding the bus out I-5. Several parallel, rather thick trails to the East with another perpendicular one crossing them. And there was another plane creating one in the same area; it seemed to be moving more slowly than most jets. I don't know; I was skeptical of this chemtrail stuff, but this did not look normal and it was a pretty dry day too. To the skeptics - just keep your eyes and minds open.

hey, what's that?!?!!?!?!?! 05.Nov.2002 12:37


'Paranoia only helps them keep you distracted.'

--paranoia isn't going to stop me from distrusting the govt..and i can handle it because i know that even if the govt is up to no good, they can't keep it up forever.

'I wouldn't be surprised if Chemtrails were just harmless white stuff designed to make you go 'Hey, what are they doing?'

--what *would* surprise you then w/ regards to military conduct?

"I got the hungries for your love and I'm waitin' in your welfare line~" Buck Owens, "Waitin' In Your Welfare Line"

Increase in chemtrails.... 05.Nov.2002 18:42


Large increase in chemtrails, and major earthquake in Alaska.

I don't think that's a coincidence.

I can only hope you're joking 05.Nov.2002 20:06

Not a seismologist

Increase in chemtrails and an earthquake in Alaska?

There have been huge earthquakes recorded in the Northwest and along the Pacific Rim ever since humans have kept records. The native peoples of the Northwest have oral legends about the earthquake of the early 1700s which wiped out entire tribes. Do you blame those on "chemtrails", even though humans have been flying only about a century?

Does the word "coincidence" have any meaning in your life?

Show me an increase in the activity or the Richter scale level of earthquakes since your alleged "chemtrails" have begun (and what year was that?) and I will begin to take you with something other than a handful of salt.

Good Friday earthquake, Alaska 1964. Was that triggered by "chemtrails", since it was about a thousand times more powerful than the one that happened this week.

Could you folks study some statistics and basic science before you post?