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March and Rally for Peace and Justice: No War on Iraq! Nov. 17, 1:00pm

The next big march and rally for peace and justice in Portland, Oregon, will be held at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, November 17th, at Pioneer Courthouse Square (S.W. Broadway & Yamhill), in downtown Portland. Like the October 5th event, this rally and march is being sponsored or endorsed by over twenty local peace and justice organizations (see partial list below). For more information, call any of the groups listed.
The event will be a legal, peaceful rally and march.


Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (503-471-1535)
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (503-274-2720)
Oregon Peace Institute
Oregon PeaceWorks
Jews for Global Justice (503-299-4772)
Women in Black
East Timor Action Network/Portland (503-235-4986)
War Resisters League—Portland
Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Multnomah Monthly Meeting of the
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Freedom Socialist Party
Radical Women
Unitarian Universalists Economic Justice Action Group
Student Activism Alliance(Portland Public Schools)
Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
Palestine Action Group
Portland National Organization for Women (NOW)


Peace & Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group (503-236-3065)
Families for Peace (503-227-0748)
Portland Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party

... and more organizations are being added each week.
Looking for flyer 04.Nov.2002 19:48


could someone design a flyer or poster for this event that I could download, print and distribute? Thank you so much.

in the works, but "do it yourself" also good! 05.Nov.2002 07:26


We're working on getting flyers, posters and handbills available through the AFSC office at 2249 E. Burnside (SOON, perhaps by Tuesday 11/5) afternoon) and there WILL be flyers available tonight at the PPRC meeting at SouthEast Uplift (3534 S.E. Main) between 7pm and 7:30pm tonight (folks are going out on the town for a bit of Election night leafleting).

HOWEVER, needless to say, do-it-yourself peace flyers for November 17th are encouraged.

nice flyer for n17 peace rally in Portland 08.Nov.2002 11:14

freedom loving american

download, print, distribute
nice flyer for n17 peace rally in Portland
nice flyer for n17 peace rally in Portland