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Me and Ricky - 'Seaport Security' As a Longshoreman Sees It

From Pacific News Service, as posted to the open publishing newswire: A longshoreman reflects on the recently passed seaport security bill and wonders if an attempt to eliminate terror risks will disturb the rich tradition of freedom, work and friendship on America's docks and elsewhere.

NORTH BEND, Ore.--I was driving along in my car when news of the Senate vote came over the radio. They voted 95-0 for legislation requiring America's 361 seaports to develop security plans.

I'm a longshoreman who works in a small port in Oregon. The radio said the bill will establish "secure areas" at ports; workers in such areas will undergo background checks and carry identification cards. A "maritime intelligence system" within the Coast Guard will collect information on vessels and their cargoes and crews.

I'm skeptical. After all, what are they going to do about me and Ricky Provido?
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