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Legislation threatens to reinstate military draft

From the open publishing newswire: It is estimated that the bush machine needs 250,000 ground soldiers to make his war work in Irag alone. There are two stratgies working in the corporate war world. Impoverish people so much they will want to sign up to work for the war machine or draft em. Please be alert! Read on and follow it closely. You can track this legislation by going to the Thomas Register website and putting in HR 3598 or HR 4546

The same people who brought you the Homeland security bill untill last week have a bill in committee to bring back the draft (HR 3598). This legislation details the building of a miltary machine with YOUR blood or the blood of your children. This legislation is in committee. Watchers of the miltary draft such as the Quakers and the Maine Draft and miltrary counselors believe this legislation will move out of committee the first part of 2003 or be added to already existing legislation.
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