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300 Hundred feet up gathering----->part 2: November 10th, 2002

Change the world: Climb 300 feet up a rope into a tall ancient tree with us!
This month's event will again be in the Redwoods of Northern California. The location will be 1-2 hours North or South of Arcata, California--> depending on where the greater number of people can gather.

So come change your sense of things, change the world as well! Help us initiate a new discipline and way of travel!

Help us sing songs and speak messages that will be recorded for the world to hear on the internet.

This is part 2 of a 13 part journey that will establish arboreal sleeping platforms one day's bike ride from each other throughout the Pacific Northwest. Eventually there will be a bike tour that will allow folks to sleep high up in all the remaining types of ancient forest canopy in the PNW.

So join us for Canopy Conversations! ---> In other words: we will seek out inspiration and share the information to help support activists of every persuasion. This is a search for unity among all the different avenues of what activism is in 2002.

The view and exhilaration, the living consciousness of these ancient redwood trees----> they can guide us in these difficult times. We need to find ways to work together and make our intentions stronger! So Please join us by replying to this Email.

Love, Dirt
you're a loser 28.Oct.2002 05:00


dirt-you fucking loser. dont you have anything better to do than talk to tree fairies? did you find nice people in olympia to mooch from and a nice cafe to sit in all day and drink coffee?

required 29.Oct.2002 01:28

but can be anonymous or made up

sounds like the next hot yuppie extreme vacation.