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Vegetarians protesting Halloween rituals become ill.

Vegetarians protesting Halloween rituals become ill.

Vegetarians protesting Halloween rituals become ill.
Vegetarians protesting Halloween rituals become ill.
that's funny 27.Oct.2002 23:28

clamydia clamydia@mail.com

That's a pretty funny picture, but why would vegetarians protest jack-o-lanterns? Those aren't made out of meat... It doesn't even kill the plant, because it's a gourd--a fruit from the plant, which continues to live after the gourd is picked...

chemi-candy 27.Oct.2002 23:42


Maybe mr. pumpkin ate too much corporate candy pumped full of nasty chemicals? Next year he should eat organic dark chocolate or fresh fruit instead!

You Made a Mistake 28.Oct.2002 00:50


It's the christians who protest Halloween, not vegetarians.

It is a great picture, though...

I noticed 28.Oct.2002 18:21

seeing I dog

I noticed there was carboard in the trash. Maybe you could recycle that instead of throwing it away?

glad you enjoyed it 28.Oct.2002 18:39


I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Veges 29.Oct.2002 07:49

Asdf to the 9th degree

I could see why Vegetarians would protest the cutting of pumpkins as it is the senseless slaughter of our pumpkin brethern. I for one, will not be a part of it.

hmm 31.Aug.2004 00:18

Karl-Heinz Schatz

Pumpkins aren't vegetarians...they eat minerals through their roots by way of their stems.
They may protest the ritual mutilation of pumpkins, but on Halloween they are inhabited by a magical ghost called jack o'lantern. You see ol' Jack is a wacky kinda old Irish ghost.
But the caption on this is as far off the mark as everyone's response
"derrrrrrrruhhhhhh, vegetarians don't protest pumpkins" It confused everyone. Myself included.
Maybe the author thought to call pumpkins "vegetarians" because it's cute. Is it cute? Does it make sense?
So okay, here we go, let's give it a try: Pumpkins are the one's doing the protesting because they are the one's getting sick and as the caption tells us: the protesters are the ones getting sick.
So I guess the pumpkins are vegetarians...and they don't want to be jack o' lanterns. Strange enough, the protester was ALREADY carved into a jack o'lantern...this picture, when better captioned, could be a poster for the pumpkins' cause.