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the daily poetry movement 10/27/02

the daily poetry movement. this peice is entitled Welcome to Hiroshima. The poem was written by Mary Jo Salter. this was writen in 1984 (probably after 30 minutes of hate news and before Jane Fonda arobics.) you should check out that article by the mercury where they crash Kroekers PR party. As long as the newspapers do not support art and poetry they are not legitimate. Rainy days are perfect for painting and cartooning!!! Hope original poetry will be posted
Welcome to Hiroshima
Mary Jo Salter

is what you first see, stepping off the train:
a billboard brought to you in living English
by Toshiba Electric. While a channel
silent in the TV of the brain

projects those flickering re-runs of a cloud
that brims its risen columnful like beer
and, spilling over, hangs its foamy head,
you feel a thirst for history: what year

it started to be safe to breathe the air,
and when to drink the blood and scum afloat
on the Ohta River. But no, the water's clear,
they pour it for your morning cup of tea

in one of the countless sunny coffee shops
whose plastic dioramas advertise
mutations of cuisine behind the glass:
a pancake sandwich; a pizza someone tops

with a maraschino cherry. Passing by
the Peace Park's floral hypocenter (where
how bravely, or with what mistaken cheer,
humanity erased its own erasure),

you enter the memorial museum
and through more glass are served, as on a dish
of blistered grass, three mannequins. Like gloves
a mother clips to coatsleeves, strings of flesh

hang from their fingertips; or as if tied
to recall a duty for us, Reverence
the dead whose mourners too shall soon be dead,
but all commemoration's swallowed up

in questions of bad taste, how re-created
horror mocks the grim original,
and thinking at last They should have left it all
you stop. This is the wristwatch of a child.

Jammed on the moment's impact, resolute
to communicate some message, although mute,
it gestures with its hands at eight-fifteen
and eight-fifteen and eight-fifteen again

while tables of statistics on the wall
update the news by calling on a roll
of tape, death gummed on death, and in the case
adjacent, an exhibit under glass

is glass itself: a shard the bomb slammed in
a woman's arm at eight-fifteen, but some
three decades on—as if to make it plain
hope's only as renewable as pain,

and as if all the unsung
debasements of the past may one day come
rising to the surface once again—
worked its filthy way out like a tongue.
Another one... 27.Oct.2002 21:37

Vance Engel

another... this may go over less well than the last one...

bills from the right

she was up there
bullhorn in hand
and the whine
which came from her
liberal little mouth
was worse than the one
that echoed from the bullhorn
and tho she had no tits to speak of
i still would have liked to have
whined like that bullhorn
coming from her mouth

she kept on saying
how someone was taking
her right to free speech
and i kept on wishing
someone would take
it from her

she kept talking
about some bill
taken from her
by the right
and i thought:
the right
never stops
handing their
bills to

you want one?

the electric is up
to $157.14 now
but they won't
shut it off
in the winter
so i'd rather keep
that one
at least

but here is
the phone bill
you can have it
it's up to $98.38
with another
$10 to restore
i've become
accustomed to
having it off
it keeps the
credit card
from calling

you can have
any of these credit
i don't think
i can bounce
the payments
back and forth
for much longer

my garbage
gets dumped in
the coffeehouse's
dumpster so
never mind
the bills

and there's the rent

i know it isn't
really a "bill"
but if you
want it
it's yours

no worries
the evictions
have happened
and it's
just as easy
for me to speak
when sleeping on
a friend's couch
or in basements
of public buildings
as it is when i'm
riddled with bills

i've never
been given
a right by a bill
all they've done
is take away
my phone
my electricity
my home

the only right
anyone has ever
enforced for me
was my right
to silence
at 16
and that
didn't come
from any bill
it came
of four officers
all in tweed jackets
with a search warrant
to take away everything
that i had written
to take away all
of my leftist
to take away
my computer
so i could not write
or download
to the left
of them

if you
want bills
how about these:
10,000 little green ones
for court fees fighting
for my right
to speak
it took
awhile to
learn that i
could open my
mouth without
asking permission

the right
given me anything
save for pieces of paper
which i never wanted
to take things
they never
gave me
or to give things
they could never take

so here's
2,000 words
they never approved
on a subject
they'll never approve of
just to prove
they can't
take it

and until you use
that bullhorn to say
something worth saying
the right will give
you every right
to say it