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AUDIO FILE: Victims of Police Attacks Announce Civil Rights Lawsuit

The following is quoted from the Press Release handed out at the Press Conference and was also the substance of the presentation by Alan Graf.
'The law suit filed on October 25, 2002 by National Lawyers Guild attorneys representing their named clients is against the City of Portland, its mayor, Vera Katz, the Chief of Police, Mark Kroeker, Assistant Police Chief Greg Clark, Police Commander Rosie Sizer, and several yet to be named police officers for the violent actions agaisnt peaceful protesters at a demonstration in downtown Portland on August 22, 2002.
The demonstration was held about a half block away from the Portland Hilton Hotel, where President Bush was the attraction at a fundraiser for incumbent Republican Senator, Gordon Smith.
The protest was peaceful and legal. Yet, for now apparent reason and without adaquate warning, the PPD doused the demonstrators with chemical agents sprayed at close range. The spraying was sweeping and overwhelming. Several people were sprayed directly in the face at close range, including members of the press. Young children and older people, who were clearly visible to police, were sprayed and injured.......'
Plaintiffs in the case are Lloyd Marbet, Don Joughlin, Sunny Walters, Evelyn Moyo, Jamie Billig and Don Jouglin, Corrina Andrews and their Children. Lloyd, Don, Sunny, Evelyn and Jamie all make brief statements. The Press Conference, including questions and answers was a little under 20 minutes.
This is the entire Conference, unedited. Though at about a half dozen occasions the audio stutters and skips a bit, it is clear and intelligible.

The link provided takes you to a page where this and other audio files are located.

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