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Ashland Halloween CM

Critical Mass is alive and well down in Ashland! (article 1)
Ashland Halloween CM
Ashland Halloween CM
Ashland Halloween CM
Ashland Halloween CM
Ashland Halloween CM
Ashland Halloween CM
I am happy to discover that there's a great group of people riding in Ashland every last Friday of the month, coinciding with CM's around the world. Friday was the Halloween ride (about 30 people showed up), and my first group ride since moving down here. Word didn't get out early enough that it was a Halloween ride so there were only a handful in some semblance of costume, but the mood was celebratory!
Two cop cars eventually halted the ride after following us for several minutes and cited three people, including myself, for failure to use the bike lane. Despite this absurdity, I noticed that there seems to be a lot of support for riders here from people on the sidewalks, drivers, and even one shopkeeper who came out to yell support for us.

I hope the movement grows down here, and stays positive. Here are a few pix:
Pic 27.Oct.2002 21:10



pic cropped & color-corrected for feature 27.Oct.2002 21:14

a pdx indy editorial guy

pic cropped & color-corrected for feature
pic cropped & color-corrected for feature

Bike Lane Bullshit 28.Oct.2002 08:23

Lamet W Vali

From what I've heard, you cannot legally be cited for failure to use a bike lane unless the lane has been certified safe by the state. The state has NEVER certified bike lane, because it would leave the state liable for any injury which occurs there. Thus, your citations are completely made up and will not hold up in court. If you can find a good Pro Bono lawyer in Ashland, it might be fun to countersue the city for police harrassment. Demand they be fired for making shit up.

CM will not be made or broken on one ride, it's a long process but damn fun.

Good Luck! Ashland CM Rules! Woo Hoo!

Excellent 28.Oct.2002 12:48


I went to school in Ashland for a bit. It's a great town, I'm so happy to hear it has a ride. It gives me hope when such relatively small towns work the direct action. Maybe one person's action weighs more in a small town then in a Portland or bigger sized city. So, will tradition be broken and the (r)evolution be more successful there then in our (pdx) pretentious mass?

Ashland Mass draws 47! 29.Oct.2002 09:48

malena malena@riseup.net

Just to be exact, 47 folks were counted in Ashland's Critical Mass this October. Up from 36 participating last month. According to my calculation, this is .24% of Ashland's population of 20000. Which is a three times higher participation rate than Portland's .08% riding.

LETS KEEP IT POSITIVE 29.Oct.2002 16:33


Lets rally together for the ticketed bikers...research our bike laws and raise money if necessary. Remember the three ticket members were ticketed because of all of us and they were the unlucky victims of OUR actions. We as a biking community should organize to make sure the next months ride goes smooth. With variant perspectives of the purpose of Critical Mass, we as a community need to listen and understand what the group desires so we can ride as one. How does a meeting sound???? It can help us organize and discuss our variant thoughts/perspectives of Critical Mass and also combine knowledge and support for the ticketed bikers. MUCH LOVE TO ALL...keep on bikin'