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Allyn Ford is an ecoterrorist

Allyn Ford is the sole owner of Roseburg Forest Products and its about time he is held accountable for his actions.
Allyn Ford is an ecoterrorist
Allyn Ford is an ecoterrorist
Allyn Ford is a very very bad man that has a fetish with the last of our old-growth forests. He also has no regard for human life. Allyn Ford's company, Roseburg Forest Products and its subsidiary Scott Timber are currently logging our public lands to death. Recently, forest advocates at the Peak timber sale have been subjected to life threatening circumstances at the hands of Mr. Ford and his cohorts. This is not the first time that profits have been put before human life in Allyn's world. It's time that Mr. Ford's actions are dealt with. He needs to hear loud and clear that the public will not stand by and watch him destroy our forests just so he can get another hot-tub or another SUV.

Roseburg Forest Products is the largest purchaser of federal timber sale logging contracts in Oregon and Washington, most of which are old-growth and native forest timber sales. Roseburg Forest Products was once named the largest privately owned company in the state by Oregon Business Magazine. Their total sales in 2000 were $850 million. Most of these profits come from logging public lands containing the last remnants of old-growth.

Tell Allyn Ford to stop being so greedy and stay out of our forests!:

Allyn Ford, Roseburg Forest Products PO Box 1088; Roseburg, OR 97470
phone: 541-679-3311 FAX: 541-679-9683

his home phone # is (541) 673-7454

Wanted Poster 27.Oct.2002 21:34

Bring um' Young

Wanted Poster
Wanted Poster

aural photography reveals the truth! 28.Oct.2002 01:14

clamydia clamydia@mail.com

Begone, Demon!
aural photography reveals the truth!
aural photography reveals the truth!

a request 28.Oct.2002 01:57

Carl Marks

could we maybe stop trying to strip away all significance from the presence of Nazi iconography?

Obviously, clamydia or whoever created this last picture feels strongly about Mr. Ford's actions, and it certainly sounds like he's earned some disrespect.

While commercial logging might justifiably be described as an act of evil on a grand scale, I wonder how appropriate the use of a hitler mustache and swastikas to satirize an image of him is. I don't know much about the man, perhaps he actually is a National Socialist. However, it seems more likely that this imagery is meant facetiously to suggest the artist's distaste for his activities by associating those activities with a familiar symbol of evil.

I don't have a problem with this per se, however:

As someone who has experienced finding swastikas carved into the paint on my car (a few years ago; I'm from a giant hole in the ground in the midwest) accompanying a smashed window at the hands of someone who apparently took umbrage at the anti-racist stickers on the vehicle, that symbol has a very specific and significant meaning, and I wonder if we aren't slinging around the Nazi symbology a bit too liberally. Not that the ecological damage of unchecked forest destruction isn't itself a Very Bad Thing, but the connection with Naziism seems indirect at best, (doesn't the Volksfront website call for a halt to commercial logging?) and the symbolic comparison to of Allyn Ford to Adolf Hitler would seem to deprive the image of some of its resonance in cases where there are more obvious, direct parallels to be drawn (a Hitler mustache on George Bush or Ariel Sharon is a powerful statement precisely because it's not a comparison most people would make lightheartedly or spuriously).

So I don't mean any disrespect, nor do I necessarily disagree with the assertion that Mr. Ford is guilty of highly condemnable actions. I'd just like to politely ask that some consideration be given to the significance of symbols when we choose to employ them.


you're right...sort of 28.Oct.2002 05:33

clamydia clamydia@mail.com

I feel that any capitalist who is fucking over the planet the way that guy is is a fascist, just like the Party members who helped finance the fasicst state in 1930s Germany. That is the comparison I am trying to draw with the swastikas on his lapel and necktie. His eyes are solid red flame, symbolic of the evil that is in him to burn, rape, destroy the earth. The moustache was a bit, much, though, I admit. Comparing him to Hitler is silly.

not the first time 28.Oct.2002 12:32


Roseburg Forest Products (RFP) has been known for harassing and physically assaulting activists. In 1996 at the Yellow Creek timber sale in the Umpqua NF an RFP employee struck a protestor. Later that year at the "First and Last" timber sale in the Umpqua, a RFP employee chased an activist with a running chainsaw until she hid behind a nearby tree.

Replace those swastikas with some "K"s 08.Dec.2005 09:06

David Ayers helenayers@cox.net

I wasn't yet three when Pappy Ford led The Methodist elders out to our place on East Douglas. My uncle was enjoying an involvement with a member of Pappy's family and The Fords learned that there was black blood in our household (I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and turn a little dark when I'm under any stress). Macon said "Here comes the mob", as their cars parked out front. The elders explained that I was expelled from the congregation because I wasn't "Fit to be seen by decent Christian folk". Pappy advised Macon to "Dump him on the prune pickers". Now I notice that Pappy left a half a billion bucks he secreted away from the tax man for his Ford Family Foundation. The Fords have been at the forefront of forging an alliance between Southern Oregon's old Klan and it new Catholics. We are logged flat, sucked dry, fished out and heap leached by these thieving freaks, and now they've gone to Austria to train Nazis for the Old World. These are some sick puppies.