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Honk and say "YES" to measure 27!

Two hours on the street corner with a honk sign resulted in renewed hope for measure 27 and me!
Are you feeling down about the 6 million dollars spent to cloud the initiative to label genetically engineered foods? Upset that "no on 27" ads run about every 15 minutes during prime time tv? Why not take that out to the street?

I spent two hours today with a HONK! sign and was re-energized with the response. People really don't want this franken-crap. Standing on the corner encouraging them to vote yes helps remind them of this. It also helps short-circuit the evil-doers "no on 27" PR campaign. Wanna try? Here's how...

1) Go get a large piece of card board and paint this in big letters:


2) Stand at a busy corner and smile at people in their cars (you can do this).

3) Enjoy the chorus of honking affirmation and yell "Yes on 27" at anyone who will listen.

Feel free to post your experiences here. Good luck!


Please come to the Franken-Wedding and tell Safeway no genetically engineered foods!

Wednesday October 30th
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Lloyd Center Safeway
1100 NE Broadway

More information at 503-239-6841 or www.nwrage.org

See you at the wedding!

homepage: homepage: http://www.labelgefoods.org