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Taos, New Mexico--2500 march on Rumsfeld's house

At least 2500 people rallied and marched against the war in Iraq. The march ended at Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's House where a list of charges for war crimes was left on his gate.
2500+ march on Rumsfeld's house in New Mexico (english)
will schilling 1:10pm Sun Oct 27 '02 (Modified on 2:01pm Sun Oct 27 '02)
 wills@kitcarson.net article#213041

Saturday Oct. 26 in Taos, NM more than 2500 people marched from a local art gallery down the main highway to Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's house. I saw types of people at this protest that I never see at protests: soccer moms and people with "God Bless America" stickers on their cars.

The mayor of Taos Fred Peralta declared Taos a "peace zone". Its unusual to have protest so large in a place with such a small population (the entire county of Taos has about 30,000 people).

Organizers in the ACT--Action Coalition of Taos did an excellent job with publicity and planning. Author John Nichols spoke of the long list of US government perpetrated crimes and imperial interventions. A priest from Cimmaron who recently moved here from New York City described counseling grieving families after Sept. 11 who did not want to see more blood shed.


Rumsfelds House ? (english)
Nero-tic Republican 2:02pm Sun Oct 27 '02 comment#213053

Which one ? I hear that the pig owns seven.


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