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Chechen Situation

chechen websites down
Additional Website:
Prague Watchdog, covering Russian/Chechen confict

below is an account of how the Chechen situation has been escalating...

Urgent report! Russian troops are concentrating on Chechen refugee camps
in Ingushetia

According to reports from Chechen refugees who live in Stanitsa
Ordzhonikidzevskaya in the Sunzha district of Ingushetia, in the daytime
of 25 October 2002, the tent camps of forced migrants from the Chechen
Repbublic "Satsita", "Bela", "Alina" and "Sputnik" were surrounded by a
large number of Russian troops.

Russian soldiers began to dig in around the perimeter of all 4 camps and
to establish roadblocks, raising fears among the hundreds of women and
children who live in the camp. The Chechen refugees who live in these
camps remain in anxious expectation of possible punitive actions by the
Russian troops similar to those in Chechnya.

All forced migrants from the Chechen Republic are convinced that there
is a real and serious threat of punitive measures against the Chechen
refugees living in Ingushetia in connection with the latest events in
Moscow, in order to expel them to Chechnya against their will and by

The Chechen refugees in the tent camps declare that in case of punitive
actions by the Russian troops, they intend to gather and to leave for
Nal'chik, but that they don't intend under any circumstances to return
to the Chechen Republic, where there are no guarantees whatever for
their safety and where dozens of peaceful inhabitants die and disappear
without trace every day.

ChKNS, Press-release, 26 October of 2002 years,
Nazran', Republic of Ingushetiya.



Moscow police detain Azeri TV reporter on suspicion of terrorist
link - agency
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Oct 26, 2002

Baku, 26 October: A correspondent of the Azerbaijani independent
Lider TV, Nariman Mehdiyev, has been detained near the cultural
centre in Dubrovka, Moscow, Lider TV has told Trend news agency.

Mehdiyev was sent to Moscow on 25 October to report from the cultural
centre, where several Azerbaijanis were also among the hostages.
Russian law-enforcement agencies detained him when he was about to go
on the air (in the Azerbaijani language). This happened behind the
film crew of the Russian NTV channel, which later reported that a
person had been detained on suspicion of aiding Chechen terrorists.
After the Azerbaijani journalist was detained, a Moscow policeman
answered his mobile telephone and then the telephone was switched off.

Representatives of Lider TV and the Azerbaijani embassy in Russia are
currently holding negotiations with the Moscow authorities to release
the journalist.

Source: Trend news agency, Baku, in Russian 1030 gmt 26 Oct 02

homepage: homepage: http://www.chechenpress.info/english/

scum is higher than whale shit 27.Oct.2002 19:55

atomic frog

putin is a marshal arms expert. One of the best. This doesn't mean he has a brain.

ussr spanned 8 time zones. 60 some languages and ethnic groups. all held together by fear and propaganda.

it is sad that people seeking a voice of their own are called terrorists. If they were, they would have bombed the theatre and gotten away. Instead they had an agenda, to get the worlds attention.

the russians showed how they save lives by snuffing them out. makes sense to critics who panned the film being shown and the gold brick who posted before me.