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BD Pardons by B. Meade

Bush Daddy Pardons: Pardon their stupidity? Second attempt to post in Portland today.
My Daddy said that he hopes that you enjoy the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Media "snapshot" of America as a "police state", courtesy of the mega-coverage of the Capital "sniper crisis". What happens when you have punk rogue police pointing a gun at every single person they meet? They probably shoot targetted people whenever and wherever they can get away with it by "planting a weapon" on the victim, acting on the criminal history of the target, etc. For a long time law enforcement agencies have hired only those who will not oppose the lawlessness of Bush Daddy Tribe. In addition to protecting those of BDT in law enforcement, an honest officer is usually prevented from helping victims of the lawlessness of BDT because of "work to rule" procedures (Is. 28:13) and communication glitches (190292). In the current "crisis" BDT is probably targetting those who do not acknowledge how serious the NAZM has made this "crisis" sound, and the current focus on children is probably proof that BDT thinks nothing of shooting young members of BDT who rebel against BDT (2 Thess. 2:3). Has there been any background information on the "star" of this "sniper crisis", Chief Charles Mooose? Is he one of Zion's Secret Police (132033)? Was he the Storm Trooper-wannabe that complained about racial discrimination by the U.S. Secret Service? If there is any law enforcement officer in Maryland worthy of the "spotlight", that was "Corporal Theodore Wolf" (42638). What will they do next? Stage a blazing gunbattle to justify their being armed? If you think about the very few instances that justify arming police officers, you would realize that arming them only when necessary is a viable option. Meanwhile disarming all of them is the best option (208762).

The word-of-mouth "good" cops of "Bush Daddy Detachment" (205811) have apparently been watching too much TV; plus they believe that they need a gun to back up their Humphrey Bogart impersonations. I live in a town where they believe that autospies are performed by defective goosesteppers, "looking" at dead bodies through their stethoscopes. A town where athletes routinely die young of enlarged hearts. A town where "Big Bird Kills" and "Big Fish Kills" from the Anthrax and other chemicals broadcasted (156007) are attributed to some Gad-damned Gar-Gan Virus. A town where parents let their children be abducted by punk rogue police to take them to the pseudo-reform school, George Junior Republic (200807) on the chance that their wayward children will return in a hot new car, dripping coca-dollars, made moving "suitcases" of narcotics for the Storm Trooper New World Order Narcotic Operation (26851 & 27490), not unlike the Gad-damned Gar-Gan Organization that thrives in Tompkins County. What is the jurisdiction of the Sheriff Association? Efforts are underway to determine if the Star of the Sheriff Association is in fact the "Star of David" (Num. 24:17; Amos 5:26; Jer. 17:25; 203337), being further proof of the holy pursuits of the godless spawn of Proud John Dryden, Israelite-wannabes from way back! Unless you want to be besieged by roving bands of dummkopf Nazi poopheads (166317), you have to send them to Hooterville, which should by now be a genuine religiously-sanctioned religious festival (29190 & 102423). More often than not, these bushy-mustached Nazi poopheads are reform school graduates, kids from hell! Ask them where in hell they went to grade school!

Let me count the ways that you could send this godless "revolt" of Jacob; i.e. the BDT to a place that may or may not be called Hooterville. You could send them to Hooterville for love, peace, women, men, sex, drugs, repentence, salvation, voodoo, religion, the Path That Leads To Life (PTLTL), the Bi-Gay Bi-Gay Symbol (211500), fairies, butch dikes, bi-gay gays, queer queer boys, Gay Rights, Gay Wrongs, the Law He set in Israel (Ps. 78:5; Lev. 20:13; Rom. 1:32; Rev. 13:18), sun worship, fun worship, sport, fight, violence, or anything else that might attract them. You could even send them to Hooterville for the "stone He laid in Zion"; i.e. the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer; those who trust in Him will never be dismayed (Is. 28:16). How many times would you warn a moron that he had set a trap for his own life (Prov. 1:18)? Let BDT blame their stupidity on Bob and say that Bob never convinced "No Body" (41739) of anything. On the contrary, Bob convinced the "No Bodies" that they were a "country as of that moment, a nation on that day" (Is. 66:8; 93509). BDT felt justified in effacing this people who had placed their trust in His law (Ps. 83:4). BDT placed their trust in the emptyheaded reasoning of Bush Daddy who told them that he was going to be a King or some other damn thing (Hosea 10:15). BDT ignored what was brewing in Hooterville because Bush Daddy told them that they were God's own dummkopf Nazi poopheads, first in line to be pardoned by Bush Daddy when he becomes a King.

BDT has systematically eliminated anyone who tried to accuse them of a crime, so there is nothing to pardon them for. Praise is a surefire cure for grumbling, so praise them for their criminal accomplishments and direct them to Hooterville. Do not pardon their stupidity. Send them to build a Temple disguised as a "house". Keep their Great Dead King "under wraps", or at least in a tent in Bethel, until the day when the Great Dead King will bring his desolations to desecrate the completed Temple, er "house" (Dan. 9:27; 11:31). "Extra! Extra! Hear how it goes! Here's how it goes! Three-faced Bush---ga a--hole becomes King of "Crazy Asinine Lowdown Fools" and dummkopf Nazis everywhere (120932, 176670, & 179472). Jerusalem is overrun by defective goosesteppers!"

PS: Bush Daddy claims that they decorate a--holes in BDT by having the murderers call up the punk rogue police of BDT who get decorated for doing investigations. Ideally they murder the companion of a drunk, place the murder weapon in the drunk's hand, and get the drunk to admit that he could have done it in his stupified state.

Bush Daddy also claims that my friend, "this guy" who lives over a bar is one of those who help keep the modern medicine racket running. Once they get these alcoholics into a hospital, they strap them to a bed, deny them visitors, and torture them with neglect, intravenous feeds, and respirators for the rest of their lives. Since it costs 100,000s of dollars per year to keep these alcoholics confined, this is what finances the bulk of most hospitals. Now is the time to free these prisoners, for the hospitals will just eliminate them even though this treatment has been recorded (Is. 42:22; 49:9).

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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