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Settlers injure five people in attack on olive-pickers

By Arnon Regular, Ha'aretz Correspondent, Ha'aretz Service and Agencies

Five people were injured Sunday, when settlers from Itamar attacked peace activists and Palestinian olive-pickers from the nearby village of Yinon.

In what appeared to be a response to the suicide bombing in Ariel, a group of armed settlers left the settlement of Itamar and headed toward an olive grove, where local residents, aided by peace activists from Israel and the United States, were harvesting the crop of olives.

The settlers, numbering between five and seven, pelted the olive-pickers and activists with stoned, and beat them using their guns. The injured were taken to a private clinic in the nearby village of Akrava.

A Palestinian couple and their two children and four activists were treated in hospital for injuries including deep cuts and bruises, Yanoun Mayor Abdel Atif Isbeih said.

A statement issued by the International Solidarity Movement peace group said James Deleplain, a 74-year-old American, had a possible broken rib and Mary Hughes-Thompson, 68, a dual American-British citizen, may have had both arms broken.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman, executive director of Rabbis for Human Rights, said the settlers had "exploited" the Ariel blast as a pretext to resume violence to ruin Yanoun's farmers financially and drive them out.

Security forces did not arrive on the scene to investigate.

On Friday, a settler from the settlement of Eli fired shots over the heads of Palestinian olive pickers and peace activists, on the outskirts of the West Bank village of Issawiya.

The settler, who was being questioned by police over the incident, said that he fired the shots after seeing a Palestinian man, accompanied by a left-wing activist who was helping to pick the village's crop of olives, approach the perimeter fence around Eli.

The activists and the settlers have both filed complaints against each other, but a preliminary police investigation suggests that the olive pickers were within the boundaries of the grove, in an area where picking is permitted.

Last week, dozens of settlers attacked West Bank villagers and prevented them from picking their olives by firing guns in the air and toward the Palestinians and dozens of peace activists who had thronged to support them
Easy To Understand Hatred Of israelis 27.Oct.2002 15:41

Den Mark

This is maybe the ten-thousandth report of fascist israeli brutality. If i'd been treated this way by fascist israelis as i simply picked olives, i'd have not been peaceful in response. It is easy to feel the anger that Palestinians must feel. The question becomes, not how can Palestinians do their own version of violence but, how can Palestinians refrain from doing much much more. Palestinian restraint has been incredible. anglo-american-israeli brutality on this planet is grotesque.

this was reported online here too---------> 27.Oct.2002 19:37


this was reported online here too--------->
this was reported online here too--------->

In context 27.Oct.2002 20:02

Asdf has risen

I don't see what the big deals. So a few arms got broken.

It's not like the settlers strapped bombs to themselves and blew her up in a homicide bombing. She'll recover.

justifying our terror 27.Oct.2002 21:34

Ariel Fleischer

It was probably just another...

..."terrible accident"

What's the big deal!!!! 27.Oct.2002 22:10


Yeah what's the big deal when Israel drops a 1 ton bomb on an apartment complex, Asdf think about that a 1 ton bomb on an apartment complex. Our how about when Israel plows homes over with people (including handicap and children) still in them.
Asdf answer me this.......... How is it not terror for Isreal to drop bombs, and use bulldozers? Is it somehow Ok as long as the TERRORISM is done with high tech weopons.
Dont get me wrong in no way do I think that Palesitnians terrorists are in the right. But I also do'nt think that "high tech" terrorism is right either.
Its like this man, it's not really Israel vs. Palestine.
It's the Israel military Gov. vs. extreme palesinian terror groups. While innocent people (Israelies and Palestenians both) are the victims.
And in reality man that is the true division in the world. The people who want war(death and destruction).... Bush, Saddam, Bin Laden, Hamas vs. Those who now realize that there is no way to PEACE, but that PEACE IS the way[think....Gandi, MLK] 120,000 in DC, 170,000 in San Francisco, 1.5 million in Italy, 400,000 in London, countless others in The European Union, India, Canada, Mexico, Australia, The Dali Lama, Daisaku Ikeda. The thing is man WHEN this side wins, people, all people, will be welcomed with open arms.
One thing I learned was that you must learn to view things from a variety of perspectives, in order to understand the truisms of the world as well as who the REAL victims are.
No more to write.... Thank You

read the article 28.Oct.2002 13:40


first off the article clearly says she "may" have broke her arms. hey i "may" be pregnant but as a guy i don't think i am.

so what. some hippy dippy "peace" activist gets pushed around for being the tw*t that she is. i'll cry later. how come i have yet to read about a single one of these "peace" activists ever being blown up by one of the plo suicide bombers? the answer is simple: they are there for one reason and one alone: to assist in the end of israel.

and that 1 ton bomb? sweet. too bad they didn't make it a 2 ton bomb. anytime israel can target and kill a leading terrorist i say "job well done".

and pictures of the jenin non massacre and spewing garbage about houses being knocked over on babies, kittens and cripples? really funny.

1-2-3-4 yassir arafat has got to go. how's that? do i fit in?

I read this article + hundreds more 28.Oct.2002 14:27


to hen

Why are all peace activists labeled hippies........ this lady was 68, senior citizen would have been a much better label if your going around tossing labels on people that you don't know.
PEACE ACTIVISTS don't want to see the end of Israel, just the end of state sponsered terror(high tech terror) as well as extreme terrorists(hamas, etc.). In fact most Muslims that I know don't want to see the end of Isreal. Don't you see man that the voice of your average citizen is not being heard in Palestine, just the extreme voice.

spewing garbage ............
man I read\listen to dozens of articles everyday. Houses being knocked on hadicaps, senior citizens, and children, have been reported on "The AP newswire, BBC, NPR, New York Times, as well as host of other international, and alternative news sources. TURN OFF YOUR TV....PLEASE.

Do YOU really think that targeting an apartment complex with dozens of innocent people in them was really a good idea, It was a good idea to kill dozens of innocent people to get 1 guy, if you do, then I will truly pray for you man because that is twisted.

Jenin non-massacre........
If it was a truly a non-massacre how come Israel didn't let in UN inspectors?.... even Saddam offered to let in inspectors. If there truly was not a massacre then why not let inspectors in, It would have only improved Israel cause, right. The only reason that I could think of using logical reasoning not to let inspectors in, is to hide something, so Mr. hen what were they hiding then????????
That is a question that I ponder to this day my friend.
With that said I can not say there was a massacre or a non-massacre....just a lot of unanswered Q's.

I do a gree with you on one thing, I too beleive that Arafat should face an election.
No more to write.Thank You

hen...you nod wisely and speak foolishly 28.Oct.2002 15:52


The native people in Israel are not the f-16, m1a1 tank, bulldozer, apache helecopter, hellfire missle, media controling mass murderers.
If you're content with fiction and snow pumped up your ass , you may want to keep it to yourself. The ashkeNazi will tag you as a schlepp or a schvartz.
Shepardic Jews are treated little better than native arabs. Both lived side by side for at least 2000 years.