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What happens if you don't show ID? (crit. mass)

What do the cops do if they're issuing you a ticket and you claim to not have ID?
Isn't it true that you don't need ID to ride around on a bike? If that is the case, what do the cops do if you refuse to show your ID and give your name as John Doe? Will they confiscate your bike and make you show ID proving you're "John Doe" to get it back? Or do they just give your pseudonym a ticket?

Does anyone have first hand experience with this?
ID 27.Oct.2002 12:44

Ronald McDonald

I'm not a lawyer, but:

You don't have to have ID to ride a bike. If you are asked your name, you are supposed to give your REAL name and address.

If you don't you could be arrested, but on CM you can be arrested anyway and get charged with Disorderly Conduct and the judge will uphold it purely on cop testimony. Roll the dice, take your chances. But remember, if you do get busted after giving false info, the DA might try to nail you with that too, if your prints come up.

I was arrested a couple of years go for corking and charged with Dis Con, FOR CORKING. I thought I was doing everybody a service. Go figure.

The ID issue is another of those areas where the cops can essentially do what they like and the judge will rubber stamp it.

Bikelle 27.Oct.2002 12:47

Metal Pancreas

The guys from Copwatch have you all hooked up with their dabble in the statutes. On the same kinda note, I think ticketing bikers is a bit of an ultimate joke. The violence and imposition of the carry road is so monstrous and deadly that I feel that any less destructive alternative should be hailed as part of what can save this world from rotting. I know I'm not alone in this, obviously, but it doesn't hurt to reiterate. The first time I learned how bikes really made me feel about more than just my transportation was last year downtown Portland. I had just moved here and was enjoying a ride through downtown, blown away by the beauty of the city. These two complete goobers in yellow jackets leer at me at an intersection and I shrug them off. A few seconds later these dorks are scooting along next to me yelling at me to pull over. Huh, whazat? They ticketed me and told me not to ignore them from then on. They asked if I had any questions and I asked them where the nearest trash can was and threw it away. I never needed a better reason to fuck up my record. They had asked me for my license and since I was new to town I had no idea that I didn't have to give it to them. Of course they're not going to tell you that you don't have to show it to them right after they ask for it. Maybe I could hire a lawyer to ride everywhere with me. Now I just don't bring my license with me unless I'm drinking.

Some Copwatch Info 27.Oct.2002 16:42

a gal at copwatch copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org

Just so you don't have to click on that pdf file....

You can't be arrested for not carrying identification. (There are a couple of situations when you need to carry ID in order to do something -- like a license to drive a car, or a gov't-issued ID to purchase alcohol.)

You can, however, be taken into custody until your identity is verified. (Personally, I would carry my ID so that a cop could verify my identity without taking me to jail -- but, hey, that's a personal preference.)

It is a crime to lie to a cop. (I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just telling you what they could label it.)

Buena suerte! Keep riding!

Correct 27.Oct.2002 21:54

Street Lawyer

You don't have to carry ID or a license.

If you commit a violation, and your identity is in question, you can be taken into custody for the purpose of investigating your identity so that a citation may be issued under your true name.

Although this upsets people who would rather lie to the police, it protects us all from John Doe using my name or your name (or their brother's name, or cousin, or neighbor) on the citation and screwing up someone else's record (up to and including warrants issued for failure to appear on something you never knew existed).

Giving false info to police regarding identity, for the purpose of issuing a citation, is a crime in Oregon.

Easiest way to avoid all this is to simply carry ID, or refrain from committing violations or crimes.