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Moscow doctor: All but one of hostages died from effects of gas in raid

'Rescuers' gas attack kills over 100.
(10-27) 08:16 PDT MOSCOW (AP) --

Moscow's chief physician said Sunday that all but one of the 117 hostages who died during an operation to free hundreds of captives from a city theater were killed by the effects of gas used to subdue their captors.

The Interfax news agency quoted Andrei Seltsovsky as saying that one person died from bullet wounds during Saturday's assault. It was the first time that a Russian official identified the cause of death of most of the victims.


Full story at:  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/news/archive/2002/10/27/international1131EDT0472.DTL

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What was the alternative 27.Oct.2002 13:52

Putin Admirer #2

So what was the laternative. The Muslim terrorists were already beginning to shoot the hostages.

Always Alternatives 27.Oct.2002 16:15


Here's a couple:

1) Providing medical professionals with information about the agent(s) used, so that they could administer effective treatment.

2) Ending the failed state TERRORISM campaign against the Chechenians.

the gas didn't kill anyone. 27.Oct.2002 17:32


The blame goes the the terrorists, not putin...

The FWR "principle" 27.Oct.2002 20:16


Here we get some insight into the so-called principles of FWR and trolls of his ilk: only those who FWR disagrees with (e.g. massers, protestors) must take personal responsibility for their own actions, those he admires get unlimited free scapegoats.

I'm sure there will be plenty 27.Oct.2002 20:23


of blame to go around. See you in Hell, all!!

not really 27.Oct.2002 20:39


I think it was a grade A fuck up on the part of the russians, but basically this is what the terrorists wanted, to have putin over react and screw it up. but basically the blame falls on the terrorists.

If they hadn't gased them, all all of the hostages may have been killed. we will never know.

I think putin will now give bush what he wants in the UN and bush will let putin crush who is responsible. tit for tat..