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Who wants to spank Bush for being bad?

I've received a link to a great game. It's free and you get to spank Bush for whatever your favourite cause celebre is. After the game there's a chance to email Bush your comments on any of the topics.
Go to www.spankbush.com for a free chance to spank Bush with a dead fish, a board or your hand.

homepage: homepage: http://www.spankbush.com

Perfect for the late afternoon tea party 27.Oct.2002 14:35

Wayne Greatsky


you have talent. misguided, but talent... 27.Oct.2002 19:37


Sort of a sadistic violent video game isn't it? Shouldn't it be rated??

Actually, I think spanking Bush's bare ass will turn a lot sickos eco-nazis on this website on.

i like this one better 28.Oct.2002 15:06