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"Operation Total Exposure"

 http://www.voxnyc.com..This site is amazing and dangerous
to the Fourth Riech in the white house,senate, house of
"reps".state government and all else.
Get a link to it IndyMedia!
not have a link
Incredible..brave..Spread the word about this site.
how safe is the WWw/Internet? 27.Oct.2002 16:25


"On the Internet, even encryption doesn't solve the privacy problem, because the Net is also ideal for message traffic analysis. A stream of encrypted messages between two points could be detected by a computer, which then spits out a report that's sure to attract attention. Each end of this stream is now identified as a target, which means that other types of surveillance are now practical. The Internet, in other words, increases opportunities for surveillance by many orders of magnitude, with or without encryption"

--if this is the case--combined w/ all the talk of NSA and other national computer infrastructure protection agencies having higher than industry-standard supercomputer capabilities--then would the encryption argument necessarily become a moot one?

and do the web geeks know about this, if so, what do they think? (i never see any *real* discussion at Slashdot about this..of course, i haven't been there in a long time)

2 words: communications masking. how best to achieve this on the Internet is the question. anyone know any good links to discussions?