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Memorial to Senator wellstone

A solicitation for donors - in memory of Senator Wellstone - to specific liberal candidates opposed to Bush Fascism.
When I heard of the death of Senator Wellstone I, like so many others, smelled something very, very rotten!! It seems the influx of a million dollars worth of last minute advertising in Minnesota and the huge presence of top money raising republicans in both Minnesota and Florida was not enough to satisfy the hopes of the greedy ones to take over the Congress and completely subjugate the rest of us.

I think we should try to do something to take the happy glow off the republican countenance. Even though I can't afford it (retired senior on Social Security) I plan on making (another) contribution to the Wellstone campaign as well as one to both Jeb Bush's nemesis, Bill McBride, and Kathleen Harris' competitor, Jan Schneider.

The thought occurred to me that if we, on this and other mailing lists, passed the thought on and gave even a token amount to the opponents of these favorites of "king george" we might possibly start a movement that would give more than financial support to the survivors (both genetic and political) of Senator Wellstone ----- and his philosophy.

If each of us reaches out to every mailing list and individual we know and convince just a part of them to contribute as little as a dollar per person (three dollars total) with a message of encouragement the results would be staggering.

If you agree pass this on - and send your contribution.

Since the tragedy the donation page for Senator Wellstone's campaign is difficult to find. It is: https://www.thedatabank.com/dpg/11413133/ McBride and Schneider's web sites still have the contribution pages.

So far I have sent the above letter and proposition to a Washington State activist mailing list and Michael Moore. Are there any Democrats, Greens, Independents or other war resisters besides me, who think it might help the memory of Senator Wellstone and his principles?