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Activist arrested at Peak- HE NEEDS YOUR HELP!

An Activist, who is refusing to identify himself and may be on hunger strike, was arrested at the Peak Timber Sale on Saturday, Oct 26. Please call the Jackson County Jail at (541) 774-6850 frequently to get information on his current status and to ask that all of the charges be dropped.
On Saturday October 26 an activist working ground support at the Peak Timber Sale was arrested while attempting to contact one of the tree-sits. He was arrested for breaking a closure, which makes it illegal for people to be on public lands. The activist is refusing to provide his legal name to the police in protest against his arrest. Similar arrests in the past have been found unconstitutional and illegal when taken to court. The activist may also be on hunger strike. Witnesses report that he MAY have been assaulted by police during the arrest.
Police are currently refusing to provide any information about his status, in flagrant violation of the law. Please call the Jackson County Jail very frequently until he is released. Ask about his current condition, and demand that the charges against him be dropped.

Jackson County Jail--- (541) 774-6850

Ask about the activists condition:
-Is he Healthy
-What is he being charged with?
-is he eating?
-is he being allowed to use the phone?
-is he being allowed to contact a lawyer?
-When will bail be set?

Demand he be released and his charges be dropped because:
-Similar closures have been ruled unconstitutional in the past.
-Charges against the three other activists who have crossed the Peak closure have all been dropped, most likely because the government understands that their law is illegal and wouldn't stand up in court.
-Polls show that a large majority Oregonians want timber sales like Peak cancelled. The activist was working for the earth, and representing the people's wishes. The Forest Service, Police Department, and Roseberg Forest Products are underminging the people's power and ignoring popular opinion in order to destroy an ecosystem for profit.

glad for the arrest 27.Oct.2002 18:42


Might be a good chance to give this person a shower and a bath. Pretty rough on the police to put these people in there cars when the loggers can smell the maggots from a hundred feet.

HUH 28.Oct.2002 08:05


save an owl, eat a logger