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Anti-Immigration Makes Capital Gains

The anti-immigrant movement of the u.s is making capital gains as the capitol gains support for its war on terror. militia groups are forming on the u.s-mexico boarder and people are getting murdered. the response? some say they get what they deserve being illegal aliens...others realize the danger and hyporacy of such attitudes.
New rules that make it punishable to assist immigrants in reaching medical aid is not only appalling, but on a moral level, inhumane as well. The common action of course is to recite the fashionable slogan " Illegal Alien" and dismiss such brutal tactics as acceptable. As with any critical issue there are always those catchy phrases and mindless assumptions that only succeed in creating a form of disguise. We see it with the ever elusive "War on Terror", where the very freedoms of what this country (U.S.A) prides it self on, are being attacked. "The Axis of Evil" is a newer one, but no less ridiculous or dangerous. This popular slogan endorses the unilateral attack on Iraq and the terrorist like tactics of the U.S toward unworthy regimes in resource rich countries. Conversely we have all heard of the historic "From Sea to Shining Sea" which drove the early immigrants and citizens of the U.S to expand westward. The genocide that followed was not only justified but also actively endorsed in an other popular slogan, "Manifest Destiny".
The point here is to point out the history of labels and phrases that usually accompany genocide and mass murder. Now the new thing seems to be the dubious term "Illegal Alien" to disregard the fact that human beings are being killed unjustly. It seems that the collective conscious of even the most morally sensitive people can be altered by a popular catchphrase or two. Take for instance the events which took place earlier this month in Red Rock, Arizona. A group of ten "Illegal Aliens" were in the process of crossing the boarder "illegally" when two gunmen dressed in army fatigues open fire on the them. Eight managed to escape, but two fell dead riddled with bullets. The two perpetrators are part of an increasing hate campaign to halt immigration by any means including evidently, murder. There are violent gun toting citizens on the boarder forming racist militia groups attempting to take the law into their own hands. Even more appalling yet was the justification of the deaths by local racists on the account that they were "Illegal Aliens". Illegal or not, human beings are being brutally murdered. It is hypocritical of a nation built on the merits of immigration to turnaround and violently oppose its very foundation. There are even questions floating around asking if we should deport even the legal working immigrants? Where does this nonsense end? It depends on who you are and what you believe. If you're a bigot it ends with another illegal in a casket, or if you the illegal, a low paying job and endless opportunity for your children.

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