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Why is it?

Why is it that a black man in this city can't walk into a bar that has a country music band playing, and not get stared at by a redneck and his wife?
Is this really all that a "progressive" of a city?
Progressive? 27.Oct.2002 03:50


Its actually one of the most segregated cities in the U.S.
All the middle/upper class liberal white people love colored folk as long as they don't have to live next to um' and they NEVER go the N.W. 23rd/21st. If your black you can go downtown, but only after hours to spend all of your money at the nightclubs they own. That is of course as long as not one of THEIR clubs (I.E. country)

Oh, and all ya all colored folk get the FUCK away from Alberta! They have some trendy art and wine they need to sell and your brown skin is making the white folk a little uneasy. Why don't you move to Gresham or some other place you might have to buy a car so you can get to work, you know, that place where you work next to that white guy that has been working there a year less than you gets a dollar more an hour. Ya, the one that showed you the snappy new necklace he got at some gallery on Alberta!


If your brown, your not pissed enough!

The formula for Rock and Roll... 27.Oct.2002 05:24

...was..drum roll...

Black Rhythm and Blues plus Angry White Hillbilly Music.

It makes so many people so sad to see people just falling back upon old Race based lines of Ideology.

I remember my Dad telling me one time about having to sneak off to his room in the Fifties to listen to what his racist Irish parents probably called "that Nigger Music."

And I happen to be a white hillbilly who lives over near Alberta (but right next to that store on Dekum w/ tha BBQ), who actually feels totally uncomfortable around those yuppie weirdos who invade the area on Last Thursday, but spend plenty of money. But not on my poor White ass, that's for sure.

Jeez, I feel like just listening to the words of Howlin' Wolf right now. Gonna go do that, as a matter of fact, and look at a map of Ireland.

I didn't know Portland had black people 27.Oct.2002 08:14


I didn't know Portland had black people?

Reality Check 27.Oct.2002 14:50


This is not unique to Portland. A black man walking into a country bar in many parts of this country will be faced with stares. As far as Portland being the one of the most segregate cities, that is debatable. It certainly does not have the black population of other large urban cities, but you'd be surprised at the extent of segregation in other supposedly diverse cities.When people go home at night, they are mostly in white or black neighborhoods, with some token segregation. I've seen a lot worse than Portland. The same goes for Alberta Street. There's much worse gentrification in other cities. I'm not saying that Portland does not have a way to go., it certainly does have a history, but this ain't unique. I've seen more evidence of hard core racism in other big cities. The Portland Region also has a significant Mexican population. The city is much more diverse than it was 10-20 years ago.

George Strait concert 28.Oct.2002 17:28


i was "canning"--picking up Oregon 5 refundable cans, plastic/glass bottles--around the Rose GArden during the George Strait concert last Friday night and the 'white' folks in the "cowboy hats" were pretty nice to me; one couple offered me the rest of their Cucina!Cucina! pasta (which was pretty good) and no one looked at me like i was stupid or from another planet (and believe me, i do notice that stuff). one cowboy hat, fittin' jeans wearin' guy i bugged for his bottle of brew that he was downing on his way into the arena and he handed it over w/o seeming disgruntled about me asking--i drank the 1/2 that was left of the Coors Light.

maybe people felt good, but i've been in places where people should have necessarily felt 'good' and people have "acted funny"...now take your ass up to the convention center for one of those crappy business con-meetings and you'll get some weird stares (maybe) like "i'm sorry, do you have business as important as we do? say, where's your name-badge?"

i remember growing up and my mother would drive around listening to country on AM radio in the car..she liked Charlie Pride (a 'black' dude singer) and of course Waylon Jennings (ah, the good 'ol days before commercial country, some of which is alright, IMSO).

not all 'rednecks' (actually, my friend hipped me to the history of this term which, from his telling, makes this not a 'negative' term. he said rednecks were something like striking workers, or something like that) are 'bad', some rednecks are really nice.

george strait
waylon jennings