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imperialism & war

Iraqi Leader gets 100% of the vote.

Iraqi Leader gets 100% of the vote.
Iraqi Leader gets 100% of the vote.

The Iraqis are wise people, they like the Americans know there is no reason to waste their vote on a secondary party candidate with no hope of winning...
What secondary candidate 27.Oct.2002 03:59


I'm no advocate for a war on Iraq, but Saddam IS a asshole.

Its hard to vote for a second candidate when the ballot said something to the effect of.

Should Saddam Hussein continue to be President?
Yes or No

Not exactly democracy.

"So damn Insane" REALLY is a butcher and REALLY did gas his own people (granted with the full support of the US) I think those of us that are anti war need to say this once and a while.

Fuck Saddam, and fuck war!

Sweet roses 27.Oct.2002 14:42

The botanist

and fuck bush! and fuck rumsfeld! and fuck the white house! and the congress! and fuck pentagon and cia!

Calling the right names is ok 27.Oct.2002 15:08

but you cant damn lefties on this board

Fuck Saddam!
Fuck Bin Laden!
Fuck the Greens!
Fuck Portland Indymedia!
Fuck Nader!
Fuck Michael Moore!
Fuck Arafat!
Fuck Islamic terrorists!
Fuck Checen terrorists!

Praise Putin!
Praise Bush!
Praise Rumsfeld!
Praise the CIA!