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America Flipped Over

This country got fazed today
America was shaken up today. I was wondering what that electricity was in the air all day- hundreds of thousands of people against war gathering and rumbling the atmosphere with their spirits. Mainstream media? Nah. They took the day off. IMC? Got it. Thank fucking god for IMC.
<a href= link to sf.indymedia.org had around 100,000. It's going to be incredibly hard to turn your back on those kind of numbers Big Media. And it's going to be very hard to face the cameras with your shit-eating grin/grim look GW and tell the world that America is behind you. Screw you and you lose. Let's keep the voltage high in the country and NEVER let the politicians kill again!

really? 26.Oct.2002 21:26

camel dropping

BBC Report Anti War March Numbers fall short!

The BBC World Service on 5.975 KHz Short-wave is claiming that the Anti war numbers in Washington are "Falling Far short of their sponsors expectations."

They claim an estimate of 10,000 people

Sorry guys, better luck next time.

Safe Numb(er) 26.Oct.2002 21:29


The big media seems to have paid a little attention to the protests. It had to have been impossible to completely ignore it. The Washington Post (according to the DC IMC site) said that 3 people got arrested today compared to the 600 who got arrested in late Septmeber when the protesters got jacked and 4 times outnumbered by the piglets. Telling figures: 3/100000~ and 600/1000~. Once again, testament to power in numbers. That's why the cops were so horny last night at critical mass- they were wedgin' out the mass to make it less powerful. I'd love to hear the squeaky sound of a pale little cop hoof rattlin' in its boot. Numbers cause it.

The numbers in DC 27.Oct.2002 07:18


10,000 people in DC? I don't think so...more like 200,000. Do the math. The protestors surrounded the whitehouse. Completely encircling it. Even the BBC concedes that this happened. The march could not get really close to the White house was really a one to two block parameter. How many miles does it take to encircle the White House? 12 miles. 10,000 people would have been able to cover a few blocks. Once again the corporate media shows its true colors. You only have to see a news report from these people to figure out who is beholden to corporate masters.

NPR? - very little coverage - lots of coveage on snipers
OPB? - No coverage on actual mass marches - rip and read wire service only
AP? - Without a doubt the most corporate driven
NBC - no coverage at all

IMC - coverage on just about every site.

Helps Either Way 27.Oct.2002 15:51


If mainstream domestic and foreign press covers this type of demonstration, the world knows that the U.S. is not united behind W. Dingleberry. If they don't, first time demonstrator Joe Sixpack and Jill Soccermom begin realize the inept bais and lazyness of mainstream media, and begin to look for other sources of news.

The Active communtiy wins either way. The man behind the curtain is losing his ability to hide.