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the daily poetry movement 10/26/02

the daily poetry movement. this is a peice known as "The Justice of The Peace" by Hilaire Belloc. A bit sarcastic, I like it because it feels like a dare from our ancestors! Please do share original poetry and artwork as a comment! Local timely art is the best of heart and the sharing of wealth! Share drawings, recipes, and music, download flash movies, share your art!!! The revolution must include our hearts and minds as one......
The Justice Of The Peace

Distinguish carefully between these two,
This thing is yours, that other thing is mine.
You have a shirt, a brimless hat, a shoe
And half a coat. I am the Lord benign
Of fifty hundred acres of fat land
To which I have a right. You understand?

I have a right because I have, because,
Because I have- because I have a right.
Now be quite calm and good, obey the laws,
Remember your low station, do not fight
Against the goad, because, you know, it pricks
Whenever the uncleanly demos kicks.

I do not envy you your hat, you shoe.
Why should you envy me my small estate?
It's fearfully illogical in you
To fight with economic force and fate.
Moreover, I have got the upper hand,
And mean to keep it. Do you understand?

********************Hilaire Belloc

I understand 27.Oct.2002 01:34


yeah I understand
George II
can kiss this lilly white red necks